Farm, Friends, and Fun

Last week we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went to Historic Wheeler Farm. The kids had so much fun running everywhere, I think they needed to get a long winters worth of wiggles out. Asher wasn't very sure of the animals whenever I would put him near one he would back up and say "ewwww" I guess he inherited my sensitive nose.
Eden and Marielle liked teasing the animals, they liked throwing hay at the horses and found one that actually would throw it back.

Is it just me or does this goose look like it is sticking it's tongue out at the girls? (do geese have tongues?)

They also found a cow laying down taking a rest, they insisted that it was having a baby and that is why it was lying down, they stood at that fence for 10 minutes waiting for the baby calf to "pop out".

We went with Eden's neighborhood pre-school. What a cute bunch of kids.

Here are some more pictures, I really don't have any comments for them, I just thought they were cute.