Sunday #9/Easter

Dressed in their Easter best for the 2nd time.
They rushed in from church and quickly changed before I could get a picture.
Being the mean mom I am, made them change back into their Easter outfits.

We had a Great Easter!
We were lucky enough to have Cache's parents here for the weekend and it was fun to be celebrating a holiday with family again.
After church we had a quick basket hunt (there were no eggs so I can't really call it an egg hunt). We were really lazy and hid each of their individual baskets and then hid two seperate baskets full of candy instead of hiding individual candy pieces. The candy baskets were for everyone, but Asher got to find one and Eden found the other.
Asher was the first to find his personal basket.

Asher had been asking for a Beyblade for awhile, ever since he saw that his buddies in Utah had one. He is OBSESSED with the show, he would watch for hours if we allowed it, some days it is so tempting to turn it on and let him stare at the TV so I can get things done. Anyway, lucky for him the Easter bunny was able to find the very LAST Beyblade at Target.
Eden actually struggled finding her basket, and there were almost tears involved, but she spotted the monkey peeking at her from behind the BBQ.
Poor little Ainsley was actually asleep while Eden and Asher were hunting for their baskets. But she got to have her very own personal hunt-lucky her. she loves her Lily the unicorn pillow.
This wasn't on Easter, it was a few days before. I wanted to have a big Easter egg hunt for some friends, I was planning on doing a huge ward BBQ, but our plans had to change. So, instead I quickly threw together al hunt for Asher's Pre-school friends and families. It was fun! Everyone brought candy to hide and it seemed all the kids came away with fully baskets and bags, which is always a good sign at a hunt.

I think the most special part of this Easter though was studying with Cache the last few hours of Christ's life with the study packet found Here. I gained a deeper understanding of the atonement and the sacrifice Christ made for me.



There is a pear orchard not to far from our house. I drove past it the other day and noticed the blossom were just about gone. I needed pictures before they were completely gone!! Here is one of the finished products. Why does Ainsley have to hate the camera so much?!


Maui Day 5


We heard from several people that The Gazebo was the place to eat breakfast while in Maui. You have to arrive early though because a line forms when it opens and lasts until 2:00 which is closing time. We arrived at 7:00 and waited until opening at 7:30. I think we were the 5th group in line. We met some nice retirees, I am sure all the younger families show up later. But we learned about buying Maui Condo's and renting them out until retirement age and having a Maui retreat completely paid for by other people. mmmm tempting very tempting.
The Gazebo-Napili Bay, Maui.
While we waited for our order Ainsley discovered Half and Half coffee creamer. She loved it. She hates milk, but loves half and half, weirdo. Notice it dripping from her chin?

He loves when restaurants have those waxy pieces of yarn (i cant remember the name) to play with while you wait.
This is why you eat breakfast at The Gazebo. Banana Macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup. And Tons of their yummy whipped cream. Oh and don't forget the side order of fried rice with egg on top.
Ainsley especially loved the whipped cream and even got it confused with sunscreen and started rubbing it ALL over her legs.
The view from our table.
While you are The Gazebo there are several things to to do. While waiting in line to be seated check out the tide pools. We didn't find anything too interesting, just a rather large colorful dead fish, sea urchins and a few crabs (mostly on the dead fish). Tide pools are in the background of this picture.
After Breakfast walk over to what we call turtle bay and swim with the turtles. A little bit of a rocky entrance, but well worth it.
Turtle Bay
Asher swimming with turtles.
Eden swimming with turtles. they were everywhere! I even went out and got a little spooked because they are so big and just EVERYWHERE. At one point I looked down and saw like 5 right below me and then they started to come up for air and I hurried and swam to the side to get out of their way-I am a wimp.
this is Napili bay which is right next to Turtle bay. We ate here, at the Sea House, on our last night in Maui and it was amazing. We arrived at sunset, there was a wedding on the beach, and the food was so delicious. It made for a great night. I am glad I had taken this picture the day before. I had heard about the Sea House, but didn't know I was taking a picture of it when I took this until right now when I was posting it here.

Thanks Erica for all of your recommendations. I think these were all of yours.


Day 4


Stone Cold Ainsley
Ainsley insisted on wearing my hat even though she has her own that actually fits. I asked her if I could take a picture and this is how she posed. She didn't change her facial expression until I snapped the picture. No amount of coaxing could get her to smile. yes that is chocolate all down the front of her and smeared across her face-it adds so much to the picture don't you think?
Everyone took a bathroom break before we took a short road trip. Ainsley went in the men's restroom with Cache and Asher. They came out and Ainsley began fussing and sayin "me, there" and pointing back at the restroom. She wouldn't stop fussing until Cache had taken her back in and sat her on the toilet. Notice the toilet paper in her hand. Nothing happened, but she had to do it , and she wiped. It is kind of ironic though because neither of the boys used the restroom sitting down. Maybe she will be like her sister and be potty trained at 2 (wouldn't that be great?)
Deep in thought at Iao needle, really she was just bored.
Iao needle is a tall mountain in a jungle type area not far from where we were staying. It was fun to see a different landscape other than just beach. I still prefer the beach though.
at the top of the walk (not so much a hike)
i dared them to get into the water
Eden took the dare to the next step and decided to cross the river.
Half way there.
yeah!! she made it. She slipped and fell in on the way back-hahaha. Actually Asher fell in first and Eden laughed so hard, so you can imagine how hard Asher laughed when Eden fell in.
ahhh, my mouth waters just seeing this picture. If you ever go to Maui, you HAVE to go to Ululani's for shaved ice. We went there almost everyday.
If you go get the Haleakala flavor. mmmmm half coconut, half pina colada with Sweetened condensed milk drizzled over the top. Pure Heaven.
the kids got chocolate and blue raspberry. It tasted like a tootsie pop.


12x12 April

01. Morning Workout
02. Ainsley slept until 9. small miracle.
03. Preschool snack time.
04. These boys LOVE Super Mario Bros.
05. Preschool learned about the English knight St. George who defeated a dragon. They made a shield with the flag of England on it.
06. Banana with peanut butter and chocolate, perfect afternoon snack.
07. Eden is reading Harry Potter #2.
08. We discovered Pop Chips while we were in Hawaii. Ainsley loves them.
09. chores. Eden empty's the dishwasher everyday.
10. Skype with our friends the Jensen's.
11. Dinner would not get hot enough. grrrr. poor Cache and Eden could only eat the side dishes because the chicken wasn't done in time for them to go to scouts and Activity days.
12. Cache taking care of some business.


Day 3
We attended the Drums of the Pacific luau at the Hyatt Hotel. The kids loved it.
all the juice Ainsley could drink-woohoo!
Waiting in line.

Asher love the fire dance, he though he had seen an actual fire bender.

They had to meet their true life Avatar fire bender.
We had to search this performer down, because I thought he had such a cute smile.
During one part of the show they welcomed people onto the stage to learn a hula dance. Ainsley had to participate......................
Asher too........
Eden was the first to get up.............................
Asher picked up on the swaying hips pretty quick..............
Cache was there too!!
Random pictures throughout the evening (click to enlarge)
the Hyatt has amazing grounds with all sorts of animals. The flamingos were very friendly.

Sunday #7

We are having the most gorgeous weather right now, and I am loving it. Everything is so green and lush from all the rain we received last month. I mentally take note of every field and apple orchard I pass, promising myself to return with kids in tow for a photo shoot.
Home from church.
Asher is the first to start stripping off his Sunday best. Ainsley is in his footsteps, as always, and insists on putting on his tie and vest.
Asher takes revenge by trying on her "jackee" (Jacket/sweater).
Such a ham. I have noticed so many pictures lately of her with her feet crossed and I love it. I wish I wouldn't have cut them off in this picture.
I was clicking through my blog the other day and noticed that there isn't one picture of me. I swallowed my pride and decided to use the remote and be in the family shot. I am part of the family....right?