Here is a story of a girl who moved to the USof A all the way from Germany.  This girl had a boyfriend who also lived in Germany, but moved to the USof A to learn a new a language and then move to the Ukraine for two years.  This girl was sad and wanted to send some pictures of herself so he wouldn't forget her.  Here are those pictures..........

Does this pose look familiar?? It's Ainsley inspired.


Happy Dance

Somewhere Ainsley has learned about Happy Dance.  Today I did something she was proud of (shutting the gate to our backyard so deer can't get in-random)and then she said "good job mommy, Happy Dance!" she did a short little dance and then struck a pose.  It was so funny I ran to get my camera and she gladly re-enacted her poses
This girl is so funny, she keeps us all laughing. I wish I could just freeze time with her and keep her this age forever.


Cache and I spent our anniversary in Jackson Hole, WY. A few weeks late due to Cache being in Beijing on our actual anniversary.  I have to admit I was a little wary about Jackson, I have never been there and it just didn't seem fun in my mind. Well, it was fun and super relaxing.  We hiked to taggart lake, we drove through the Teton national park, ate lunch at a beautiful lodge, searched for bear (didn't find any), and slept-in without any interruptions.  Sleep without any interruptions for 2 nights is complete heaven.
Oxbow Bend-Jackson Hole, WY

The colors were so pretty and I really would love to take a trip up there every fall. The first day we were there it was a little cold and we walked through a few snow flurries.  It was also so cloudy we couldn't see the tetons and I was bummed because we had just driven 5 1/2 hours and I wanted to see the mountains!  The next day waas BEAUTIFUL The air was cool, but not too cool, perfect for sweaters (my favorite), and the tetons peeked out of the clouds.  They are just as gorgeous as they are on TV (as seen in modern family the week before :)).

Taggart Lake