Chalk Art

A few weeks ago we hopped in the car and drove to Discovery Gateway, we had not been there yet and thought we would let the kids release some energy there. It was a lot of fun, Finley enjoyed playing with the balls and Peanut enjoyed all the make believe centers.At the gateway that weekend there was a chalk art festival. These artists are so talented, I couldn't believe that chalk could work like this. Here are some of the pictures
At the end there was chalk for the kids to create their own masterpieces, I think my kids are the next Picasso and Rembrandt. Finley even wrote his first letter, it was an "E".


egg drop

Peanut had an egg drop at school a couple of weeks ago. The directions were to package an uncooked egg in anything, except bubble wrap and Styrofoam, so that when it is dropped (or thrown or kicked) off the top of the school it would land without breaking. Peanut decided she wanted to use popcorn and aluminum foil. After a few test runs from the roof of our house it was ready for the school. do you think it made it?It's falling
It's falling
It's falling
It's falling
It dropped.
Now on to the unwrapping and the results.
The 6 graders were able to do all the opening and judging
ahh, the anticipation is killing her

It SURVIVED-yahoo!

YAY for Peanut!

Take a look at that trophy.


a few of my kids

I realized I didn't post any pictures of Peanut and Finley in my last post, so I had to do it. I love these.
This one is my niece she is just dancing away.


I have been on a blog hiatus for a little while, but I am back and I have a lot of catching up to do so expect a lot of post in the next few days. I will start with the most recent-Fathers Day. I could not think of anything to get Cache, poor guy got a coupon book, treats, and a promise of an excellent date night. Oh yeah, and on Saturday I took him to his favorite Mexican food restaurant which we don't go to very often because I don't like it that much. For mine and Cache's Dad we gave a digital photo frame, which they both seemed to like. At the last minute my Sister decided to get all (except for the 3 that live in Germany) the grandkids together and take pictures for my Dad's frame, we rushed everyone to this amazing old mill in Pleasant Grove and spent 2 hours taking pictures of everyone. It was great practice for me and we had so much fun with everyone. Now I need to arrange the grandkids from Cache's side of the family and do the same thing.