Don't give up on me

I am still here, I have not vanished. Everyday I think to myself that I should post something-anything, but I am in lull right now. I am so frustrated with my picture taking, they are nowhere near where I want them, I look at the recent ones I have taken and think these are so amateur of course they are, I am an amateur. Maybe I could make them a little better if I understood Photoshop, but that is a whole other confusing world to me-I just don't get it. I have checked out a book from the library and maybe that will help. Tomorrow the kids and I are going to Lagoon I plan on taking my camera and taking a lot of pictures hopefully I will take some that are blog worthy.

As far as our daily life, we are enjoying the summer days. We go to the pool to swim, which is great. "E" is warming up to the water and is able to play by herself or her little friends, I put "A" in the gym nursery and I sit by the water, read a book and drink a Diet Coke, the entire time thinking This is the fat life. We have also decided to re-vamp our backyard, which we said we would never do. I just finished the rock patio and now moving on to work on the water feature. It is SO much work, but hopefully in the end it will be worth it. We re-vamped the front yard last summer, and I am so glad we did, it is so much better now with the new grass and the ugly ficus (sp?) bushes gone, and we actually have flowers!

Are you having fun this summer? Any fun vacations?


Fathers Day

Out of curiosity..........What does everybody give their fathers, fathers-in-law, and husbands for Fathers Day? Do you go way out? Or do you give a sentimental gift? Maybe a homemade treat? Leave a comment (come on you can do it) and let me know.



I have been experimenting with my blog layout, I really want to jazz it up. So understand that it is a Work In Progress and it will be periodically changing. Right now the colors don't match and it is a little jumbled, someday it will actually look good.


What I Learned...

I spend way too much time in front of the computer lately. I know I have said this before, but I will say it again-I am addicted to reading blogs. Today I was sitting and thinking about all the blogs I have read and realized I have actually learned and improved myself by doing so. Let me list the ways. . .I will start by writing about a really addicting site (if you like blogs) It is a site with tons of links to LDS women's blogs I guess this is the site I am really addicted to. I read one of a women who is a runner and she talked about beating her personal record and how satisfying that was, so this morning at the gym I worked really hard at running the entire tread-mill class (which I have never done) and I did! It was 45 minutes and 3.89 miles of continuous running, that might not be a big deal to some people, but It was for me I am a wimp-especially when it comes to running. The next thing I found on a certain blog was an amazing site developed to help plan menus for your family It lists all sorts of ideas for shopping, organizing your pantry, and tips on how to freeze meals. I don't mind cooking, but I hate having to decide what to cook and this site helps a lot. Oh, and it has a lot of ideas on lunches and breakfasts for kids, which I always struggle with. Moving on, I read a blog of a woman who teaches some sort of religion class maybe Sunday school, maybe seminary she didn't say but they were learning about the lives of the prophets and with each prophet she likes to cook the prophet's favorite food and take it to class. She told of waking up really early so she could make 33 mini loaves of bread and 8 normal loaves to take to class because whoever they were learning about loved bread and milk. WOW! that is magnifying your calling and it made me think that I needed to put more effort into my primary lessons. There are my excuses for reading so many blogs. I don't feel as guilty for gluing myself to the computer when I am actually learning something :) yeah I know I am pathetic.