Last night we gathered together with Cache's family for FHE and to celebrate the upcoming birthday of the "A" man. We had a great night of fajita's, yummy homemade raspberry ice cream, and of course "PWESENTS!". "A" loved the tractor and bucket with shovel, he has already introduced them to the sandbox. He was mesmerized by the Rescue Heroes movie he received and is glad there is a "boy movie" in the house now, no more Strawberry Shortcake for him. Here are a few snapshots from the night:


When did this happen?

When did my little girl go from this :
"E" 5#9oz 21 inches

To this:

"E" 5 years old, first day of K-grade
(she is five now, way too cool for pictures, hence the expressions on her face)

I thought that I would be a mom that celebrated the day I sent my kids to school, a few hours of one less child to tote around at the grocery store sounded like heaven. I was wrong. I will admit I couldn't sleep last night due to the anxiety I was feeling for my sweet little "E". I was the mom that was fighting back the tears as I watched her line up with the rest of her class and march into her class room. Have we taught her enough? Does she know that the world is hard and mean and brutal at times? Can she stay strong and stand up for what she believes in?
(Uh-oh the tears are flowing again) Will she be kind to everyone? I hope so.

After her 2 hours and 50 minute class was over, I was eager to get my girl back home. As she jumped into the car she said "I love school mom. Can I go back tomorrow?" No, sweet "E" you can't, I want to keep you at home with me forever. That's what my heart wants to say. But, in reality she will return tomorrow and I will someday get used to sending her off, but probablly not for awhile.


What do you think?

I have been editing some pictures that I took at my in-laws cabin on their very cool tractor. I think I am getting a little better( I know I still have a long way to go), I need to master the editing part of photography, Photshop is very complicated (at least for me). I know that the first picture is burned in some spots, but I still like it. What do you think? Do you see any improvement? "E" and "M" July 5, 2007
"A" July 5,2007
"E" and "M" July 5, 2007

A nifty site

Hello, everyone out there is blogland! I have had some people ask me how I am learning to take pictures. Basically I read, read, read and then I will read some more. I did however find this cool site called WWW.ZIBTIPS.COM . It is really informational. It is perfect for people who want to improve your phtography skills, whether is just for personal pictures or if you are preparing yourself to be a Pro. Right now there is a huge tutorial on Photography and it looks like they are working on tutorials for health and nutrition, investing, and sustainable living. Take a look, it is highly recommended by me!