Eden's first day of 7th grade!


Asher's first day of school

This boy has had such a great summer, but unfortunately it has to end.  
First day of 3rd grade.  Mrs. Sherman/Ren Chinese immersion



I have spent the last month or so typing up some of my Grandmother's journals.  I have loved living her life with her through her words.  I just finished a journal that she kept while traveling all over Europe: Greece, Italy, Pompeii (wherever Pompeii is), Germany, Scotland, England, France.  They spent about 30 days on this tour..WOW!! During the hours and hours of typing I have been overwhelmed with the thoughts that I need to be better at record keeping and journaling.  Someday I may have a grand-daughter reading through my words and hopefully they will be words of encouragement and inspiration that my Grandma Lucille's words have been for me.  I have to remind myself that every entry does not need to be elaborate and full of detail.  One entry of my grandmother's was :

"I went shopping & bought me a new dress at Ross's.  Also hose & groceries" - Wednesday May 13, 1987

hahaha, I love it!  So I am off today to buy a small pocket calendar so I can start my journaling (which is what my Grandma used), and I truly want to record my journal entries each week here on my blog, because every time I open up my blog my heart swells with love and pride.  I love seeing everything in the past that has happened to my family :)


Eden is 12

Easiest Birthday party ever!!

 Trip to the Pie Pizzeria. Write on the walls (it's tradition). Be silly (of course, they are 12)

 Mall Scavenger hunt.  Be silly again.  Eat cake and open presents in the food court.  Done. 
So Easy!!

Presents for Eden: Her party :) and clothes, make-up, shoes, and decorated her room.