new do.

Meadow is rockin' a new do. what do you think? It usually lasts a total of 2 minutes, before she has pulled it out

And since we are on the subject of Meadow. Here is what I do all day..............
I am constantly lifting this girl off of the table. Seriously, CONSTANTLY! This particular morning, she decided she was still hungry and helped herself to the older kids' breakfast leftovers.


Mr. Spidey.

I don't like spiders. They give me the shivers and a stomach ache. I try to act brave in front of the kids, but inside I am screaming. I looked out the window tonight and this is what I saw......
(Only one spider and a few reflections due to the beveled glass in the window)

I checked Mr. Spidey one more time before bed and this is what I saw.............
(That is a big moth.....Stomach begins to churn)
I am thinking of framing this last picture to add to my halloween decorations. Kinda creepy.

So here is the question: I bought some spider spray which is supposed to keep spiders at bay for over a year. We live in the woods and therefore have a lot of spiders. A lot of spiders= a lot of webs which we are constantly walking through or putting our hands on as we reach for the outside railing. Do I use the spray and kill spiders or do I come to a mutual understanding with them that if they don't hurt me, I won't hurt them? What should I do? Part of me says "die spidey die" the other part says "do they really need to DIE??".



I opened the door to giggles running down our endless driveway and these on our front steps:
They brought a smile to my face on a day which my face has not had a smile. So, Thank You!!
Never underestimate small acts of service.
This picture makes me laugh, because this is a face we see often in our household right now. Fin is our bundle of energy. 100% pure boy. Constantly wanting to wrestle, punch, or kick anything in his way including his sisters. He loves superheros, Avatar the Last Airbender, Spongebob, video games, and playing war outside with his Trans-former walkie talkies. By the end of the day it is time to pass him off to his father because he wears me out. I love him more than anything and enjoy his energy most of the time, but love those quiet moments of hugs and snuggles as he begins to wind down.


California Academy of Sciences

A long time ago, before school even started, the kids and I and some friends from our new Ward went to a very cool museum in the heart of Golden Gate park. If you venture to San Francisco and have a full day to spend at a museum, you must go here.

The kids loved it and we only saw a tiny portion of it. We took advantage of free museum day in the city. So we arrived early, waited in line and froze in the San Francisco Summer.

Some of the kids favorite memories: walking through the aquarium tunnel, the butterfly's flying everywhere, the parrot, ants, big spiders, white alligator, hands on experience in the tide pool exhibit.