The First Noel

"E" (now to be named Peanuthead) is always so excited for this part of the Christmas celebrations, she is so excited to act as Mary, and since she is the only girl on Cache's side of the family this role always is hers. It was fun to see "A" (now to be known as Fin) actively participate this year, in the past it has been more of a costume party for him than a story re-enactment. The "cast". This is not the best picture, but I couldn't resisit Fin's smile.

yes, this baby Jesus had corn rolls. It was all grandma had.

Some of the best quotes from the night:

Mary's response to the shepherds and wise men as they arrived at the stable and brought their gifts was "Welcome to our home and Thank you, thank you for the gifts"

Mary receiving the gifts from the wise men

As Mary was waiting for Joseph to arrive in the stable(he was busy talking to the shepherds) before she delivered her baby she yelled "Joseph, get in here I'm hurting".

Fin's reaction to seeing one of the shepherds getting his diaper changed "naked shepherd"

I realize that these quotes probablly aren't funny to you out in blogland, they were definately a "I guess you had to be there" type of moment, but I felt I needed to record them so that I would remember them in the future.

Here is a picture to end with. Thanks for the jammie's Grandma & Grandpa! Check out the fingers up the noses, what are they digging for, diamonds or rubies? click on picture to enlarge.


Could it get any harder?

The dreaded Christmas photo. After about 50 pictures we finally got one where both looked decent, not great, but at least both sets of eyes were open and two mouths were smiling.

Merry Christmas!


I did It!

On Thanksgiving I finally ran my first 5k. I have wanted to do this for awhile, but have always chickened out. It was a blast, and thanks to my friend Rebecca, I ran the entire way. It was slow, I finished in 34.16 minutes, but i did it and I am proud of myself. whoo hoo, go me!


Move over Rachel Ray

I am feeling very domestic. I found a recipe for Pumpkin Ravioli with a Gorgonzola sauce, it sounded so good I thought I would make it for FHE. I took pictures of the process, well just half of the project I forgot to document the final steps. Here is the brief synopsis:

It was so yummy, if anyone wants the recipe I can post it. Or you can find it in the Cooking Light magazine.



Halloween is probablly one of my most favorite holidays. I love the fall weather and the decorations and the excitement of trick-or-treating and i LOVE the Gardner Village Witches. Halloween isn't Halloween if there isn't a trip to visit these witches.
I guess we missed 2005, due to A being only 2 months old.


We barely squoze (is that a word) in pumpkin carving, things got a little crazy/busy after returning from disneyland. The kids liked it for the most part, but "A" didn't want to scoop his own seeds out. He thought they were "gwoss"
"A" surveying the situation

"ooh gwoss"

"E" digging in although very disgusted

The finished product.

Our house this year consisted of a witch (Samantha from bewitched) and a very cute Giraffe (thanks for the costume Harvest).

Schedule of Halloween day:
9:00 am trick-or-treating at the gym.
12:30 pm Neighborhood Bowling league (I bowled 123, yeah me)
3:00 visit Grandma and Grandpa, run out of gas on I-15, which has happened every Halloween since 2003.
5:00 visit other Grandma and Grandpa at their ward "trunk-or-treat" and visit a few trunks while there.
7:00 Neighborhood trick-or-treating.
9:00 a welcomed bedtime
9:30 mom and dad's nightly DVR ritual


Fun Times!

I haven't blogged for awhile because I have been having so much fun. It all started on October 13th, MY BIRTHDAY! I had a fun day beginning with my favorite breakfast-Pillsbury orange rolls. We then went Bowling, shopping, lunch at Wingers. Followed by a great undisturbed nap, and dinner at Joy Luck. It was a great day, the only thing I demanded was that it be declared a no work day. It was such a nice day, a big THANKS! to my hubby, children, and family .

Our next adventure was a family trip to DISNEYLAND. The plan was to all drive down as a family, but it ended up that Cache had to fly to San Francisco, so I drove down with the kids and met Cache at our hotel in Anaheim. The drive went good, better actually than I had expected. I have been wanting to visit my good friend Heather in Las Vegas, and this plan made it possible. I drove to Vegas and stayed the night at her house and then headed for California the next morning. It was so fun visiting until the late hours of the night and spending good time with her. Thanks Heather for letting us crash at your home.

Disneyland was so much fun! Cache has not gone since he was about 10 years old. All he remembered was thinking how lame it was and falling asleep on the "It's a Small World" ride. This time around he enjoyed a lot more (I am sure he enjoyed it 20 years ago too, but he just forgot). I haven't been since I was 16 years old, and so it is about time we returned.

We went with our good friends the Hancock's-they were so much fun! We probably weren't as much fun as they were. We pooped out on the second night and missed Fantasmic, which we thought we could catch on the remaining 2 days, but it was canceled the next night due to high winds (those darn Santa Ana's), and the last night was Monday and they don't do it on Mondays. Grrrr. We really wanted to see it.

The kids had so much fun. They loved everything about it. Well---almost everything. "E" wasn't too fond of Space Mountain, which was one of her first rides she went on. That kinda ruined a lot of other rides, because she was too scared to try them. Note to self: start out on the easy mild rides and then work up to the fast crazy rides. She did enjoy Soarin' California and Mickey Mouse's toontown roll-a-coaster and of course-the TEACUPS! I HATE the teacups, I have gotten sick on them everytime I have gone on them and I not excluding this time. Cache and the kids rode them about 8 times (or more). Ask "A" what his favorite ride was and he will re-ply "teacups!".

Disneyland-so much fun! I hope we don't wait another 12-20 years to return.


"Celery is great after a good Pee"

Okay, about the title of this post-I kid you not that I was just watching Wonder Pets and they really did say this. I just started laughing and thought-hmm I will have to try this sometime.

The name of my post before I heard this great line was going to be "A month (or more) in review". It has been awhile since I have posted anything, the reason being is that my sister told me my blog was Cheesy, so I was a little blog shy for awhile, but now I am comfortable with my cheesiness and am willing to share it. I also realized that I do this 99% for myself, so I can remember the happenings of my life. So, that being said I will blog about what has been happening the past month.

In no particular order, I will begin:

Our very, very good friends and traveling buddies The G's moved across the country. Before they left we were able to get together and enjoy a yummy dinner at the Red Iguana. It was so much fun talking and saying our farewells despite the grumpy kids, spilled water, loud music, and the stormy weather. We will miss you guys immensely. But we do have memories of Bryce Canyon, Cancun, Nine Mile Canyon, Snowbird, Deer Valley, Jet skiing, Cascade Springs, University Ward, Cocomotion, Christmas eve Breakfasts, after Christmas neighbor dinners, Indiana Jones marathon, and so many others. Good luck to you guys, and we look forward to coming to visit-soon. Start blowing up the air mattress.

I was lucky enough to meet with The G's again and some of the old friends from the University Ward at a fun neighborhood park in Sugarhouse. It was so fun seeing everyone again. The 4 of us girls that were there were all pregnant together 2 years ago, and we took a picture (which I don't have) and so while we were together we took another one all together minus the big bellies.
These pictures of "E" and "A"are pretty cute.

Our dear neigbor's elderly father decided that life was too hard and wanted to end it, which resulted in Air Med landing in our circle. Wow, I never realized a HUGE and powerful a helicopter is. We were watching from our front lawn and a policewoman told us to go inside while it landed because it would get windy. I took the kids and moved on to our front porch, which wasn't enough, as the helicopter flew over our house and began to land the wind from the choppers blew everything off of the porch. The big Wheel bike literally was lifted off the ground and blown across our yard. We quickly ran inside, the poor kids were crying because they had sand in their eyes. Now every time it is windy outside, they both get scared and ask if the "copter" is going to land again. Notice the Charred mountainside in the background.
I found this sandbox at Downeast Home and got a great deal. I was totally excited, because I had been looking for one for awhile, but wasn't willing to pay the $$ for just a square of 2x4's, this one is nice and the kids love it. I love that they play and use their imaginations building and bulldozing.
On Aug. 30 "A" turned 2. We made a cake, went to McDonald's, and came back home to eat the cake and celebrate with Grandma and Grandpa. "A"'s pwesents were a spiderman tent, a dinosaur magnidoodle, cars, a really loud dragon (thanks Grandma), and a few others I can't remember right now.

Well, there is my month in review. Sorry, but i felt I needed to document our happenings. I hope I can stay on top of things from here on out.