4th Grade

Eden is entering 4th grade!! Which is so crazy to me, I remember 4th grade. It wasn't that long ago (wink). I had Mrs. Nissin at C.H. Taylor Elementary in Ogden. I remember learning cursive. I remember thinking John M. was cute. I remember the new girl Mariesa. I remember long division. I remember thinking I was so close to being an adult (wink, wink).

Eden thinks she is an adult, she is learning cursive and long division, she is the new girl (in a round about way), and as much as she denies it I am sure there is, or will be a boy that she is going to think is cute.
Welcome to 4th Eden!
I am so glad I get to be the mom of this sweet girl.


12x12 August

I am falling behind, I realize it.  But to be honest it is not entirely my fault.  Our computer died, like really died,gave up the ghost.  We had to call to Dell and get it fixed, now it is breathing on it's own again and I can attempt to catch up on this silly little blog.  So to begin........a 12x12, several weeks late.
1. Monkey Quest.........one of Asher's favorites.
2. Breakfast. Poor kids, they eat cereal just about every morning.  I am not even nice enough to buy the fun cereal.  Honey Nut Cheerios, Special K with red Berries, and Frosted mini wheat's.........that's all we ever have.
3. Pinterest.........enough said.
4. I helped pick up my friends car from the repair man, that is a weird story in itself, but glad I could help.
5. "let me out of the car mom!" -Ainsley
6. Work, work, work.  I love have Cache working form home.
7. coming home from Grandma's house.  There is always a surprise to bring home from her house.
8. Ainsley taking a nap with her dolls (she arranged them like this)
9. Banana........our go to snack.
10-12. I guess I got lazy and didn't take my camera on mine and Cache's date night.  Imagine pictures of The movie theater, a screen shot of "The Help", and me enjoying a crepe.


Sunday pic July 31st

I have a bunch of Sunday pictures to catch up on, but for now here is the most recent.

This is my nephew Eric. Sunday was his "farewell". He leaves on the 10th for Costa Rica for 2 years. Good luck Eric!

I know you are wondering (really you probably aren't) why we are all dressed up and Asher has an "Orem Recreation" shirt on. It all started with a delicious chocolate cupcake that was so good his dress shirt and pants wanted a lick (or several). Asher would not get down from the table because he was so embarrassed that he was covered in chocolate. Cache took him down into a cousins room and raided the dirty clothes basket until suitable outfit was found. Oh Asher we love you and how easily embarrassed you get.