8 months

On February 2nd Meadow turned 8 Months and I actually took pictures to document it. soon I will post her 10 month picture :)

so much has happened

A lot has gone on since my last posting. One big thing is Peanut turning 8!

waking up on her birthday morning and getting ready to open her gifts, which were mostly clothes from JUSTICE (her favorite store, my least favorite store)

This is the first year we were able to have her birthday party on her actual birthday (february 6) She wanted to have a Valentines brunch.
Menu included:
cinnamon rolls with pink frosting
breakfast casserole (which only the adults ate)
Pink lemonade

Lots of games and activities:
bracelet making
valentine IPOD making
chocolate strawberry and pretzel dipping
Don't eat pete
musical chairs
heavy heavy hang over they poor head

Finley has now graduated to professional chocolatier
we just need to teach to stop licking his fingers, but who can resist? I know I can't.

Wow, it has been a long time! Do you want my excuse?? If you know me I have and excuse for everything right? My excuse this time. I am lazy, that is all there is to it. Well, I am lazy and the fact that I gained like 4 lbs. overnight, yes overnight. Don't know how it happened, maybe my scale was broken and it was giving me a wrong reading all along. I was waiting to see if it would break again and start giving me the lesser weigh again-it didn't so here we go again. My loss last week was.................................Minus 1 lb.
My loss for this Wednesday is.......................................Minus 1 lb.

I have realized it is alot easier to post losses than it is to post gains. _duh_ of course it is. Who wants to admit they gained weight. So I am going to try and be better and just swallow my pride.