what are you watching?

I am pumped to watch Heroes, Grey's Anatomy (guilty pleasure), Biggest Loser, The Unit, Lost, Prison Break, Pushing daisies, Chuck, and I am going to give Dancing with the Stars a shot. Thanks heavens for DVR!

Lame post I know, but i am so excited to watch something other that reruns of House. Am I the only one that needs some brain candy at the end of the night?


The Lyon Family

Crystal, it was so much fun seeing you and meeting your family today. Here is a preview, I hope you like them.


Baby Clara

Here is a little preview of what I did today. Isn't she soo cute? remember the Hancock family?
Clara is who is hiding there in Erica's belly. She is 9 days old today.


Moutain Meadows

All summer I have wanted to go on top of the mountain that my in-laws cabin is on to take pictures with the kids. We went up in early summer to do it and didn't get the chance, but when we went up for Finley's birthday I drug the family up even though a storm was coming because I didn't know if we would get another chance before the snow comes. They didn't turn out quite as I had expected due to the fact that it was really windy, the kids are in ugly clothes, and it was cold, but oh well, I'll take what I can get. We'll try again next spring.



Happy Birthday little man! A few days late, but it wouldn't be true mommy fashion otherwise. We love you so much and we are so grateful you are in our family. Your spunky little personality keeps us giggling (even though you hate being giggled at) and screaming (which you hate even more than the giggling). We love that you have your own mind, and like to do things on your own. We love that you need brave medicine (gummy vitamins) before you go to bed each night to ward off the bad dreams and monsters. Our hearts break when you wake up screaming(4 or 5 times a night) because of the bad dreams and monsters came for a visit. We loved when you told us that candy would be the only thing that would make your owie feel better tonight, even though we had told you earlier that you couldn't have any more candy. But you were right, you did stop crying when we gave you a some jelly bellies-the owie magically got better. We love that you are fascinated by the shows Go, Diego, Go and Dirty Jobs. We love when you say "hey Tootse" to me or your sister. We love that you ALWAYS want to wrestle. We love your stinky feet-well maybe we love your feet, but not the stink. We love you for you and we are so HAPPY you came to our family.Of course there needs to be a picture of my amazing cake making skills :)

Here are the past years:

Missing picture. For some reason I can't fine any of my 2006 pictures. When my computer genius husband has a minute I will make him find them in cyber world.
This cake was an awesome blue truck with jelly bellies in the back and one side of the truck had flat tires because the cake was lopsied and I had to cut the oreos so they would proportionately right. stay tuned for picture.



I come to the blog for your opinions. I am really bored tonight-can ya tell? I took this picture this weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's cabin. I like it, but the angle kinda trips me out. Does it to you? Do you like it? or should I try again? hit me hard with your critiquing, I have thick skin- I think.

When in doubt........

try your blog. I know there are a lot of smarter more domestic people out there than me. To those that know what they are doing life I need some help. I have tons of green grapes in my backyard, I hate watching them go to the birds, squirrels, coyotes, cats, and whatever creature is living in my backyard or getting mushed into the grass which I then have to clean up. Does anyone know what I can do with them. When we first moved into the house 4 years ago I juiced them and tried to make white grape juice, they aren't very sweet so the juice wasn't good. Is white grape juice made out of green grapes? Anyway any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome Elder Turley.

Again, I am a few posts behind. Again, I will be playing catch-up. Sorry to those few people who read this blog, my catchup posts aren't very interesting. Well, they're interesting to us. That is why I must document. So bare with me.Last Thursday night one of Cache's old missionary buddies (Birmingham, England Mission) traveled all the way from Ireland to visit us, Okay not really just to visit us, but it was fun that he thought of contacting us while he was in town. The two of them had a walk down memory lane and laughed and snickered and laughed some more. I liked hearing about bad haircuts, cadbury trips, soccer games, coke runs at 7 in the morning, crazy suicidal companions, flirty sister missionaries, and of course about the people that were baptized. Elder Turley-maybe next time we will be able to visit you and your beautiful family in Ireland, I want to see your pet sheep.
Reminiscing over Cache's "T-book" (i guess it's a missionary scrapbook)
Kids that speak differently, still having tons of fun together. I could've listened to their accents all night, I loved it. My favorite part is when cute little Cameron asked me for a Torch because it was dark outside. Anyone know what he was talking about? It took me awhile to figure out what he wanted.
Peanut's new penpal. She is really excited-although she doesn't look like it in this picture.