Roughing It........Kinda

Two weeks ago we spent the night at Heber Valley Girls Camp with some friends. Have you ever been there? It is such a fun place with great cabins that sleep 16, covered eating areas with fridges and campstoves, wonderful bathrooms with showers, and firepits. It is such an amazing place and perfect for those that like camping but are a little bit scared of the dark and what lurks around in the woods. The cabin doors have locks, which in our cabin, remained locked during sleepy time.

We had so much fun being with our friends and making new ones.

The trip consisted of........
One late night of Bananagrams (have you played it? it's a little addicting)
One show of singing in the rain performed by several little cuties.
One little boy with a bunch of girls.
Lots of hugs and kisses to a baby dressed as a kitty
One beautiful moth (which is a lot coming from me who is terrified of moths) doesn't it look like it is made of giraffe fir?
We had so much fun, we want to head back up in the fall and maybe in the winter too, Cache says they have great sledding hills.


Blessing Day

We blessed Meadow on her 2 month birthday. It was such a special day, the spirit was strong and everything went perfect.
As an added bonus the food was so good.
We made homemade Cafe Rio style salads, they were so yummy. I wish we would have made twice as much meat though because we ran out near the end of the food line.

After everyone left we decided to go up to Silver Lake for a walk around the lake.
It was so beautiful, but once the sun went behind the mountain it got a little Chilly and the mosquito's came out in bundles.
Peanut ended up stealing Meadow's blanket and we had a baby with purplish arms and legs-poor thing. Next time we will head up a little earlier in the evening.
For memory sake, those in the blessing circle were:
-Grandpa M
-Grandpa C
-Uncle Steve
-Uncle Loggins
-Uncle Matt
-Uncle Matthew
-Bishop Tillman
-Dave Winnie
-Chris Howells