Welcome Summer

Summer is here.  Today was the last day of school.  Hello to fun times with my kids.  We started the season off with a movie in the park.  We all froze a little, but the kids said it was worth it and they would do it again.  I wish they showed a different movie though, it was Adventures of Tin Tin.  I will be honest, we didn't like it in the theater and we didn't like in the park.  I am not a fan of the drunken sailor and the violence.  We kept thinking this movie is really "PG".  

Look how pretty our park is.  I love how it is nestled in the foothills of the mountains.  I wish the city would do all the movies this summer in our park, I guess the city thinks there are other nice parks around too.  I don't agree ;)

Oh, I almost forgot that before we went to the park we went to classic skating.......The girls and Asher got their booty shaking all the while I sat and surfed the internet, I caught up on some blogs and Pinterest.  


Hard Work

I have missed my blog so much.  Life has just gotten in the way of doing any bloggin, even reading blogs-which is unheard of for me :)

This picture has been opened in my PS bridge for about a month and every time I see it I smile.  I love it.  It shows my husband who is such a hard worker, it shows my son who always wants to help and my 2 year old that always wants to be in the middle of everything (even now she sits on my lap as I type). Cache gave her the special job of holding his big cup of water, she took that job very seriously. When cache tried to get a drink it was all gone, ainsley had slowly drank very last bit. Another reason I love this picture.......see all those weeds? They came free with the house, but they have since been all removed and beautiful ground cover has replaced them. And because of those weeds we ordered 18 yards (which is a lot of dirt) of very heavy dirt and I shoveled a lot of it into wheelbarrows, so I acquired some sore arms and bigger biceps :) I will end with a "yeah me!" for taking the time to document a moment in our life!