SF House

So I have had a few requests of some pictures of our house. I have slacked around and haven't gotten to post them, even though I have had most of these pictures since October. So, here it is. Our little abode in the Bay area.

To start off here are some of our animal friends......
The picture on the left is of a coyote (click to enlarge). We always have deer friends. Unfortunately, we have been unable to get pictures of the turkeys (lots of turkeys), squirrels, raccoons, skunks, owls, vultures, and I did see the tail of a rat skury off of our porch a while ago (ewww). Needles to say I don't go outside without making a lot of noise first, especially at night. Our neighbors have told us that cougars and bobcats have been spotted in the area, hmm I hope I am inside when those friends come visiting.

And here is the house....... at least the main floor of the house. Upstairs there are some bedrooms, bathrooms, and an amazing linen closet-nothing too exciting, they're never clean enough to take pictures of :) remember you can click to enlarge.
Notice Meadow in the kitchen at one of her favorite spots (rummaging through the junk drawer) and yes that is Suite life on Deck on the TV. Only the educational stuff is watched at our house.