Our own Ollivander

Our friends told Asher that Hogwarts was real and he will get a post delivered to him by an Owl on his 11th birthday asking him to attend wizard school and he totally believes it. So until he gets his official wand from Hogwarts he decided to whittle himself a makeshift one and also one for a few of the neighborhood kids.  

A few of the wands.  
Since this picture was taken these wands have been stained and a handle has been added. 

Poor Asher was devastated when Cache and I told him the we were muggles and there was a small chance that he was a real wizard.  But he is thinking positively and well, I guess we'll find out if he is Hogwarts bound in about 5 years.


Asher's first day

It's been long in the waiting, but Asher finally started Kindergarten.  He was so excited to sit in class and learn (sounds fun doesn't it). 
  A tradition for the kindergartners at our school is to decorate a gingerbread man in way that he wouldn't be recognized as a gingerbread man.  Asher wanted a lego Ninjago as his.  It was a fun project for us to work on together. I drew it all on paper and he did all the cutting.  He did pretty good didn't he?
 We were bored waiting for carpool so, I asked to him to jump in the air while I took his pictures.  He reminds me of a leprechaun.

Good luck in K-grade little Man!!