OHS Homecoming

I was able to photograph my Nephew's homecoming group. It was a lot of fun, it brought back a lot of memories of my high school dances-whew glad those years are over.


Marital bliss

10 years
8 vacations
7 cars
5 jobs for him
4 homes
3 kids
3 jobs for me
2 mortgages
1 eternal life together
Innumerable happiness
Happy Anniversary Cachey


#Millions of Peaches#

50 lbs of peaches = 8 quarts of sliced peaches, 6 pints of freezer jam, 10 jars peach butter, 4 peach smoothies, 5 lunch times snacks, 1 breakfast of pancakes and peaches, 3 breakfasts of peaches and milk, lots of deliciousness.

It has been a while since I have posted anything, I think three kids has given me a run for my money. Actually, I don't THINK, i KNOW. My house seems to never be clean anymore, I will clean one room and come back in 10 minutes and the room will be dirty again. I can't remember ANYTHING!I feel I am in a constant state of forgetfulness, super scatterbrained. Laundry is never done. Meadow only gets a bath maybe 3x a week,-my other kids were bathed every night-so if you hold Meadow and she smells like spit up--don't judge. However, I am soaking in every second of my little kids here at home. For some reason it has finally come to a realization that they won't be little forever and I need to enjoy them while they will let me.

Here are some random thoughts for you:
*I am experiencing major vertigo right now, to the point where I am feeling motion sick.
*I am getting my hair dyed dark today (at least I think, we will see what the hair dresser talks me into)
*I have great friends and family who always are so willing to watch my kids.
*Someone very close to me is headed to India soon.
*I will have been married for 10 years tomorrow.
*I have already bought my ticket to see New Moon in November.
*I am loving YOGA although I missed my class yesterday.
*Finley is enjoying pre-school. I am glad he was able to make it into a class with his two besties.
*I started a blog to keep track of our family's favorite recipe's, if you want to take a peek click HERE. (the wild rice soup is DELICIOUS)
*My camera is headed to India very soon.
*I have less than a month left of my 20's.

well, that about sums it up.


sneak peak

I photographed my first wedding last week, and it went pretty good. They aren't the pictures I saw in my head, but there are a lot that I am happy with.


{warm's my Heart}

I happened upon this moment the other day and I had to capture it so I would always remember it.
Peanut has read to meadow several times since and meadow loves it. She looks at Peanut and then looks at the book and starts cooing and kicking. It makes my insides melt.


Someone had a birthday shout Hooray!
Finley wanted to have his very first birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese, we invited 4 crazy boys and one sweet little girl and one beautiful teenage girl (Finley's crush(thanks Elsa and Barb for coming!)). It was a birthday full of Transformers,bakugan's, and Power Rangers. My task was to learn how all those boy toys worked. It took an entire sacrament meeting to figure out how to transform 2 transformers :)
Chuck-E-Cheese festivities:

{school days}

I am a week late, but here is Peanut's first day of school, 2nd grade style. Have you noticed that the 80's are slowly sneaking their way back into style? Peanut asked for fingerless arm warmers to go with her back to school wardrobe-ahhhhh! next we know "units" will popping back into stores.