Bedroom vs Finley

My kids have chores to do everyday. Tidying up their room is one of their daily chores. Somedays they will clean their room without a problem, but other days seem to require a lot of pestering from me and a lot of tears from the kids (mainly Finley). Today was one of those days where there were tears and pestering.
3:30 pm Monday afternoon

Here is what I found when I went upstairs to check on the progress. I am not sure who won this battle, not the bedroom and not Finley. I guess I will call a rematch tomorrow.


No School+70 Degree Weather

+an endless pile of laundry I am trying to avoid= a trip to the ZOO!

My kids can never JUST smile....they must always pose.

I begged our friends to come with us...........
well really I just texted them and asked them come with us. I sure am glad they did.

tired babies at the end of a fun day.


Sunday pics

Another project........................I am joining the ranks of a few fellow bloggers and am going to TRY (key word being TRY) to take a picture of my kids every Sunday. I am already seeing how quickly they change. It's making me sad. I hope they just stop growing.

I attended a "mothering mentoring panel" this week at our relief society activity night (or whatever it's called now). I got a few great ideas on raising kids' bucket, like filling my own bucket before filling my kids. Just like the airplane, you have to put your own air mask on before you put your kids' on. Now I just need to decide what will go in my bucket. So, along with this great advice I also got really scared, 3 out of the 5 moms talked about how their kids have gotten involved with drugs and alcohol, sending kids to wilderness treatment camps, getting calls from the police in the middle of the night, Marijuana at an LDS scout camp, SCARY! It is great to hear that every family isn't perfect and everyone has trials, but these stories were so hard for me to swallow. I feel extremely bad for these families, and now I know were to go for help and advice if such things happen in our family, but I am also SCARED. All I could think of all week was how I was going to protect my kids. My friend and I joked about creating bubbles and not letting our children out of those bubbles. We know that isn't possible, but I sure wish it was. The only conclusion I can come to is a lot of faith and a lot of prayer, which my not protect us from these tragedies but I know it will help us get through them.

So after saying all that (I usually try to stay away from too many words on my blog) here are my sweet, pure little children. I love them.


Morning light

"Develop a passionate joy in the present"

More on this later. I have to go to bed now. good night.


January 12x12

I realize I have slacked A LOT on my blog. I just can't find interesting things to blog about and I have lost a little love for my camera (still in love, just not as much). So to get things up and moving I have a few projects I am working on. One is a 12 of 12 project. Every month on the 12 I take 12 pictures to document our day. Following lead of one of my favorite blogs. Yesterday was my first day

(click on picture to enlarge)

1. Breakfast for me. egg, egg white, ham, and laughing cow creamy cheese.
2. Peanut off to school.
3. Meadow in the backseat on the drive to peanut's school. Blanket must be wrapped around her head to provide comfort.
4. Morning exercise with Rachel, James, and Ryan. Rachel and I hoped to get in a couple of miles, but soon found out that with 4 kids who tire easily our goal was too high. Although we did make it 1.6 miles.
5 & 6. Playtime at the park after the walk.
7. Afternoon visitors. I never tire of seeing the turkeys.
8. Facebook and food tracking.
9. Lego's glorious Lego's.
10. Meadow decided to kick back and watch "Little Rascal's" from her high chair.
11. It took me two days but the craft closet is organized.
12. Zinch's new website is up and running, to celebrate Zinch provided Godiva cigars and Martinelli's (Utah approved celebration treats). Cache managed to grab a couple of cigars for the kids.


sleeping prince

Finley went to Claire's with me sometime before Christmas to shop for a gift for Peanut, while we were searching Fin found a sleeping mask and thought it was so cool, unfortunately for him it had flowers and peace signs all over it. We searched and searched for a boyish sleeping mask, but had no luck until I found this beauty at TJMAXX on Christmas Eve. I had Santa slip it in Fin's stocking.
He sleeps with it on every night for the entire night. Cache thinks he is too pampered.
I do have to admit I had a good friend buy me a sleeping mask in high school and I used it and loved it.