Our Dancing Star

I almost forgot to post "E's" exciting day! On May 22nd "E" had her dance recital, it was so fun. It was held downtown at the Rose Wagner Theater, they danced to a hyped up version of "Someday My Prince Will Come". She is in a class with her 3 best friends (Picture below is minus one friend) which made the year great. The plan for this day was to go to the rehearsal which was early in the day and then travel over to the Gateway for a snack and picture taking. It didn't go as planned because when we got to the theater I pulled out my camera and the battery was dead! GRRRR. I had checked that morning too and it was fully charged, but I think I must have left it on because it was totally dead. So, I didn't get the cool urban photos I was dreaming up, but I was able to charge the battery during the recital and I got a few after shots.
Here is one of the best.......


The wives get together

Last Friday the wives of ZINCH.COM met at a park and let the kids wear themselves out. It was a lot of fun, the park was amazing, it had a huge playground, a water fountain the kids could play in, and a swing carousel that could be pushed around like an amusement park ride. It was great getting to know everybody better. I hope my husband works with his co-workers for a long time because their wives are GREAT! Here are the pictures from that day:I saw this face all day long. "E" is always begging for something. "Can we play in the fountain-PLEEASE" "Can you run clear across the park to the car, and get my snacks-PLEEASE?" With a face like that, she cannot be denied.
I love this picture of E's little friend.
"A" Loved the swings. His stank eye reminds me so much of his Dad. Cache is famous for his grumpy looks.
Another one of "A" on the swings.
"E" in the Fountain.


The Hike

On Monday we took a hike right above our house. It was so much fun, I didn't know that a place so beautiful was just a few blocks up the street. After hiking up the front of the mountain for about 1/2 mile we entered a small little canyon thatwas so pretty. There were so many trees and rock ledges and birds. I do have to admit that I did let my worries take over every now and then (I worry a lot) I would look up toward the cliffs on the mountainside and would see in my head mountain lions peering down at us waiting to leap on their prey. Oh, I am so pathetic. These worries all started a few years ago when we were up at my in-laws cabin and it was late at night and everybody was asleep, except for me because I am a very light sleeper. I was laying in bed and I heard some weird grunting noises and then a splash in the small pond behind the cabin. At first I thought it was probably the mommy moose and her baby we had seen earlier that day. I decided to take a look out the window and when I did I saw two huge bears crawling out of the pond. It was very exciting, but also kinda scary because we hike and play outside all the time up there, and now all I think about is that there are bears in the area so I am constantly looking and listening whenever we are there. Kind of ruins the fun. Anyway we didn't get attacked by any mountain lions or any other wild animal, nor did we even see any animals. We made it to the top to a beautiful pond and water fall. It was about 1 1/2 mile hike uphill and Eden made it the whole way by herself, she was so proud of herself. Even I made it without getting winded, which made me excited. It was proof the going to the gym is actually paying off. Here are the pictures from the fun night:

Eden Making wishes

Asher cleaning out his mouth after sucking in his wish maker (dandelion) instead of blowing out

Asher still trying to get out the last of the fuzz and asking for Dad's assistance.

oops, I lied. We did see a wild animal. And here is the proof. See that hairy caterpiller on the stick? ooh, he was ugly. Eden wouldn't touch him and Asher couldn't stop touching him.

There are people out there

I just downloaded a stat counter on my blog (notice the little numbers on the bottom of the page), there are people that visit my cyber world, it's not just me popping in to look at my own creation. right now the counter says "8" one of those is me, so that means there are 7 people that visited since last night, that excites me and motivates me to post more. Who are you though and why don't you leave a comment so I know you visited? Even though I visit a lot of blogs and I hardly ever leave comments, because most of the blogs I visit don't have a clue of who I am. I just really like looking into other people's lives. I told my husband last night I was a cyber-stalker, he looked at me really weird and said I was crazy, I just laughed and went on with my list of blogs to visit. It is kind of addicting and pretty lame. Anyway, "HELLO" to those of you that visit, drop by anytime whether I know you or not.


Sunny Days!

The weather has been so nice. I have been loving it. It is so nice to sit on the grass and watch the kids play and hopefully get some sun on my snow white skin. Last friday I took the kids to my mom's house and they played in the little swimming pool. I am thinking that this was A's first time enjoying water outside. He loved drinking out of the hose, and throwing toys in the pool, and trying to dump water on E, but he didn't like getting in the pool he thought it was too cold. It was so fun, it brought back a lot of memories of my childhood,I remember so clearly always scraping my legs on the edge of those little plastic pools



Yes, that is me, an A+ Slacker!
I wish I could say I haven't posted anything because I have been travelling the world to many exciting places, or I have been involved in filming a very interesting documentary on the lives of SAHM's, or maybe even I cleaned my entire house from attic to basement and everything is spotless. Yeah, none of those things happened, the truth is.....I got very addicted to a book that took over my life for an entire two weeks. It was all I could think about and I couldn't/wouldn't do anything but read this book. Well, that was about 4 weeks ago and I STILL haven't gotten back into the routine of my daily life. All I want to do is play with my kids (which isn't bad right?), surf the internet, and look for new books to read. Everything is suffering, especially my bathrooms-YUCK! Hopefully today is my turn around day and I can get back in the life of being a SAHM and take care of my responsibilities. Maybe tomorrow I will post some pictures of my progress.