Sunday #4

Tonight we played the game of "Life". Asher won with 1.5 million dollars, I came in second with 1.4 million, next was Cache with 1.2 million, Eden brought in the end with 600,000.

I now feel like I need to take a rest. Sometimes games at our house get a little crazy between wrestling Ainsley, trying to convince the loser that it is just a game, keeping the winner from dancing on the table, and any other little (or big) obstacle that comes in our way before we can finish the game. The memories are worth it........right?


Chinese Lunar New Year Parade

When we heard about this parade a month or two ago I knew it was something I wanted to go to. When the actual day came around it was POURING rain. Cache and I debated back and forth throughout the day whether we should go or not. Finally we decided- what the heck, how often do you live in a city with a parade this big (it's boasted to be one of the largest parades in the world). So we bundled up the kids, bought some ponchos, toted our umbrellas and headed for the BART to go into the city.
Our brave friends the Erickson's came with us-Rachel is such a great planner and had something for us to do until the parade started.
It rained, and rained, and rained the entire night. It was so cold and by the end we were all soaked to the bone. Ainsley cried most of the time (I would hate to be wrapped in a garbage bag too -it was really a poncho), I got poked in the head with a few umbrella spokes, and some of the Chinese folk were very pushy.
It was worth it though, and the kids were troopers and will never forget it. The uncomfortable moments are the ones you remember the most, right? It was fun to see the dragons and the floats and costumes. And even though we were drenched, miserable, and tired we still had to eat dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant Asia Palace-If anyone visits we will take you there-they pretty much know us by name and have our order ready as we walk in the door. As customers leave the owner fills your arms with bags of fresh organic produce and tasty treats for the kids. You will literally walk out of the door with a bag worth more than what you spent at the restaurant.


Oh Good Golly.

Miss Ainsley, you had way too much fun at nap time today.
You were supposed to be sleeping, but instead you were coloring.
I heard you in your room talking and playing, but I thought "Hey, she's being good and I am enjoying my free time. I will leave her in there a little longer".
I should've listened to my mom when she said.....
a child that is being good for too long is up to no good.
I have one question for you little Ainsley......
how did you get that marker when you were caged in your crib? I am almost certain it wasn't in there when I layed you down to sleep.

*added note: this just added to the messes this little one made today: 3 bowls of cheerios dumped on the floor (good thing I only put about a tablespoon of milk in her cereal), toilet water splattered all over the bathroom floor (thank goodness it was flushed), and a diaper that didn't quite do it's job resulting in poop smeared all over her undershirt (the diaper was put on crooked and only covered one bum cheek-my fault, but caused by her nonetheless).


Baker Beach on a Sunday evening

We love going into San Francisco. Cache goes everyday, but the kids and I maybe make it there every other week. Last Sunday we decided to head to the beach and fly our kite. So. Much. Fun!!

(My favorite picture)

I love the beach. I don't need to get in the water, but I love to watch and hear the waves, feel the breeze on my face, walk in the sand. I just love it, so this was an extra fun evening for me.
(I love that the moon is showing itself in this picture)
We never have been able to get our kites to fly very well, but this day must have been perfect conditions for kite flying. Our butterfly soared through the sky. At one point a hawk got very close to our butterfly. I think their friends :)
Our friend Lily joined us and brought her fun kites too. We had 3 kites gliding through the breeze.
Asher stared at the waves for a while, and even brought out the Avatar in himself and tried some water-bending (have you seen "avatar: the last airbender")
He couldn't resist and had to get in the water. He filled his bucket full several times until he was completely drenched from the waste down.
After he was drenched he wrapped in a blanket and flew the kite again. If this was a video you would be able to see his teeth chattering. Every time we go to the beach he insists on getting wet, but ends up freezing cold. He was tough this time though, we didn't hear one complaint from him (there is usually a lot of tears). When will I learn to bring him extra clothes?

Ainsley was cold, but found a way to keep warm. She loves the beach too!

*meet my children Eden (Peanut), Asher (Fin)-although we love the name fin and might keep calling him that permanently(it's his middle name) and Ainsley (Meadow). The days of their Alias' are now done with*


sunday #3

Baker Beach San Francisco, CA.

ahhh, You win some, you lose some.


february 12x12

Yay! the 12th came again. I was pretty excited to take pictures today, although by the end of the day I realized it was a little tougher to take 12 pictures of 12 different activities through the day.
1. Cache and I have started running every Saturday morning. A good time to talk and have some alone time together. Today was a wimpy day, we only ran 2.5 miles-I will just say that I HATE running hills.
2. Oakland LDS Stake women's conference. "finding Joy in the journey". Excellent. I attended workshops on receiving personal revelation, mothering young children, and Marriage.
3. Bubbles with Peanut's friend Lorelei.
4. Meadow enjoyed the bubbles too.
5. Oakland LDS temple.
6. My temple date.
7. view from the temple as we left. The Oakland Temple sits on a hill looking over the east bay skyline, it's absolutely breathtaking.
8. Walking in Berkley.
9. Dinner at La Mediterannee. Who knew I like mediterranean food?! Wine bottles filled the place.
10. ahhh, who could resist?
11. Dinner consisted of Hummus, baba ghannoush, tabuleh, Armenian potato salad, pomegranate Chicken, Dolmas, levant sandwiches, Chicken cilicia, grecian spinach and feta, lulu kebab (which I could have done with out, I am not a lamb fan).. Needless to say we brought half of it home, it was a LOT of food. We wanted to try everything so we ordered the sampling platter.
12. Beautiful flowers. No winter doldrums with these around in February.


Sunday pic #2

This definitely isn't the best picture we took today, but it just truly shows the personality's of my kids.

Meadow with her "grumpy lips" face
Finley with his "I have to make a face and be silly at all times for every photo" face
Peanut with her "I aim to please and do whatever you ask" face

Notice the shorts and bare legs(Finley insists on over dressing lately), whoohooo, it is February 6!! It may be the only year Peanut has warm weather for her birthday.


-Yes, those are still Christmas wreaths on our fronts doors. They just add so much to the front of the house I hate to take them down. I hear the SF flower market has beautiful wreaths for reasonable prices, I think I will head there soon.