wenesday #6

Pathetic..........That is the word for today's weigh in (and last weeks and the week before that and the week before that). BUT I am NOT giving up. Anyone have any tricks up their sleeves? what works for you and what doesn't? Has anyone ever heard of slow weight loss due to nursing? I am still nursing meadow, not much only like two times a day, but it is still something. I don't know I am diggin deep for some answers. Maybe I need to give up bread........but I LOVE bread{whine}.


Wednesday #5

My computer is being weird and won't let me change my graphic. So the weigh in result for today is..............................

i am just inching my way along.

I hope to be back to my picture a day soon. I had a lot going on last week and over the weekend, I am still trying to recover, I am almost there.


goodbye 7!

Today is Peanut's last day of being 7.
She wanted to get glitter toes to help say goodbye to 7th year.

But, Peanut.......8 is great!!!!


Wednesday #4

I bet you have all been dying to see my progress. Here is the big number for this week.
Obviously diet alone is not doing enough. I started an excercise program yesterday. I will see what that does for my goal.


my daily breakfast........orange, banana, blueberries, milk, ice and spinach. Deeeeeelicious.
recipe found here.