A surprise in my fireplace

Ewww, Ewww, Ewwww! Here is what I found dead in our fireplace last night:

I am totally freaked out how this little guy got in there, my theories are A) He flew or fell down and has lived in there until he finally starved to death, but the fireplace is in our main living area and I haven't heard or seen anything in there until last night when I just happened to glance in and see two bird legs pointed straight at me. B) Some sort of Animal (Rat, Raccoon) found him outside and carried him in and discarded him, but the bird seemed to be intact and there was no other sign of another animal. It totally disgusts me to think that a rat or a raccoon might have access to the innards of our fireplace. Luckily for us our fireplace does have locking glass doors on the front to keep sparks inside and in this case, creatures. After the shock of having a dead animal in our house, I secretly felt that this bird deserved it. I really can't stand magpies they are mean, mean birds. We had a cute little birds nest in a tree next to our deck so we were able to see right into the nest-Oh, a magpie ended up chasing the momma bird away and then ate the cute little blue eggs for lunch. They are also very destructive, they have pecked at the cushion on our porch swing until there is only a few scraps of stuffing left. So, I hate to admit that I have no sympathy for this dead bird lying in our garbage can, I know, I am awful, I will probably have PETA knocking on my door any day now.


The kids are turning us in-look for yourself :)


For The 4th!

Hello, Hello?Is anyone there? I know it has been a while since I posted anything worth reading, but here is one I hope is blog worthy.

Our 4th of July was a blast. We woke up to an unfortunate site, the mountain side, which is only about 3 blocks from our house and which our house has a beautiful of, was completely on fire. We truly got to see how "fire works". I have to admit that it was an amazing, although disturbing, site to behold. To see the flames moving so quickly and how much destruction was taking place was very humbling, the forces of nature are so powerful.
Here was the view from our front porch, in the picture it looks far away, but it was so close we were seeing ash fly through the air. The flames at this point had traveled up the face and into the small canyon which isn't visible from our house, but we were still able to see the smoke billowing from behind the crevice. The little black dot in the smoke is a helicopter with a bucket hanging from the bottom preparing to dump water on the flames. I actually woke up at about 2:00 am and looked out the front window and the face of the mountain was bright red, I took some pictures, but it was with my point and shoot and they didn't turn out very good, so I decided I wouldn't post any. After the exciting morning of gawking at the fire, we drove down to the Sandy city festival and enjoyed Navajo taco's and pulled pork sandwiches (I love eating from carnival booths). "E" was so excited to see that the place where she had her birthday party (Sweet and Sassy) had a booth and were giving hair-do's to all the little girls. She was in heaven.
I was very impressed with this festival, It wasn't very busy, had great live music, and had a lot of free activities for the kids. Here is Cache and "E" making finger puppets, Cache had a hard time looking at the camera because the bright sun was hurting his eyes, poor baby :)

After the Sandy festival we made our way to the Provo festival which was fun, but oh so crowded and very very very hot. To get out of the heat we burrowed under a canopy and watched a demonstration on reptiles. The kids liked seeing the tarantulas, scorpions, boa constrictors, and a huge tortoise. Of course "E" wasn't in line to touch anything, but "A" was a true boy and ran to be first in line. Luckily for Cache and I our friend Than was there to help "A" so we didn't have to :) Snakes are not my cup of tea, although I did pet it, but would not hold it. "A" was lucky enough to ride the gigantic tortoise, which was actually a little extreme for him, but I did manage to get a picture before the tears started.
To speed things up on this marathon long post, I will skip to dinner time at one of Cache's co-workers/friends house to enjoy the Zinch (Hi Sid) food of choice-BRATWURST-mmmm tasty. After dinner we traveled to yet another of Cache's co-workers/friends house who lives on the foothills of Provo to see the fireworks from the BYU stadium. Look at this chair that was brought out for the kids to sit on while they enjoyed the lights. Isn't it great. I wish I had one, for my front room.The person who is too old to be one of my kids in the picture is Surya who is yet another of Cache's co-workers/friends, he is vising all the way from India. The kids think he is great, the candy he brought the kids from India helped form their opinions very quickly.

Thanks for sticking around and reading this record breaking entry. I will leave you with a view from the night.