A Conference Break

Kids bring a challange to watching General Conference, in fact I don't know if it is possible, has anyone found a trick to keeping them occupied during a session? Thanks goodness for TiVo. After what felt like a WWF wrestling match during the sunday morning session, Cache and I thought we would take the kids to the park for a picnic and kite flying. The weather was cool, but nice and the kids enjoyed being out of the house.

Here is Eden with her impression of the kite, she wanted it to fly like the birds.

She did the monkey bars on her own for the first time and was so proud of herself. Can you see the terror on her face? She is complaining of sore arms today.

Asher thought it was great to be able to run and slide and be free from the confines of the house.

I thought this picture was cute of Cache and Asher, they have so much fun together.

As we returned home to watch the afternoon session Asher was tired enough to take a nap and Eden was content to watch a movie downstairs by herself. Cache and I enjoyed a great session, and especially enjoyed the peace and quiet.


RLRP said...

Again, great pictures! I totally get it about conference - we just DVRed the whole thing and are watching one talk a night.

Ariana said...

Very sweet pictures. I love your kids' names.

~I'm from ILP, by the way :)

Ariana said...

Just popping in again to say I use Photoshop elements 4. I'd highly recommend it, I love it.
I think I got it for $70 last year. PSE 5 is out now and I'm sure it's around that price.