Don't give up on me

I am still here, I have not vanished. Everyday I think to myself that I should post something-anything, but I am in lull right now. I am so frustrated with my picture taking, they are nowhere near where I want them, I look at the recent ones I have taken and think these are so amateur of course they are, I am an amateur. Maybe I could make them a little better if I understood Photoshop, but that is a whole other confusing world to me-I just don't get it. I have checked out a book from the library and maybe that will help. Tomorrow the kids and I are going to Lagoon I plan on taking my camera and taking a lot of pictures hopefully I will take some that are blog worthy.

As far as our daily life, we are enjoying the summer days. We go to the pool to swim, which is great. "E" is warming up to the water and is able to play by herself or her little friends, I put "A" in the gym nursery and I sit by the water, read a book and drink a Diet Coke, the entire time thinking This is the fat life. We have also decided to re-vamp our backyard, which we said we would never do. I just finished the rock patio and now moving on to work on the water feature. It is SO much work, but hopefully in the end it will be worth it. We re-vamped the front yard last summer, and I am so glad we did, it is so much better now with the new grass and the ugly ficus (sp?) bushes gone, and we actually have flowers!

Are you having fun this summer? Any fun vacations?


kcorner89 said...

keep trying to take photos, k believes in you. the backyard sounds fun... you should put an amusement park in it with a popcorn stand. your blogs cool:-)

RLRP said...

I imagine you are being more critical than you should of your photos - keep working on them, of course, but in the meantime, post what you have so you have a record of your family! And then we can all get our blog-need filled.

RLRP said...

Oh, and good luck with the yard. I really want to come see it. I bet it will be gorgeous. I know it's a lot of work - that's why our yard looks like crap!