Last night we gathered together with Cache's family for FHE and to celebrate the upcoming birthday of the "A" man. We had a great night of fajita's, yummy homemade raspberry ice cream, and of course "PWESENTS!". "A" loved the tractor and bucket with shovel, he has already introduced them to the sandbox. He was mesmerized by the Rescue Heroes movie he received and is glad there is a "boy movie" in the house now, no more Strawberry Shortcake for him. Here are a few snapshots from the night:


Anonymous said...

What a delightful evening and we love the photos!
What a grown up son.
You also have a great talent for writing.
We read again your feelings about sending E off to school and we are both in tears!
It is so tender.
We do love A and E.
Thanks so much.
Love you,
Virg and Sara

Bamaute said...

Love that picture of "A"...I have one of your pics of Coop up at my blog... bamaute.blogspot.com


Richard, Shauna, and Spencer said...

okay, Carrie. It's a sin to go this long with out a post! I am thirsty for a Merrill blog!