without further ado........

I will give you our weekend (a little late, i know, but I have been suffering from blogitis). It all began on.....

Friday, which we must not have done anything too exciting, because I can't remember what we did. Oh ya, Cache had a meeting at the prestigious Chef's Table in Orem, and I stayed home with the munchkins and had PB&J sandwiches-mmm my favorite-I bet they don't offer the classy PB&J at the CHEF'S TABLE.

Saturday consisted of a little housework, a Peanut and Daddy date at Boondocks, A Mommy and Fin date at our house in our separate beds for nap time (we were going to go for a bike ride, but Fin wouldn't wake up and I wasn't going to wrestle him out of bed), a scheduled family photo shoot, but as we got out of the car at the location we realized it was way to cold to do any posing. Here is the two pictures we took:I realize that this picture stinks, it was a "hurry lift the kids up, it is to cold to mess around" type of picture. I am so far away with the camera you can't even see their faces. I'll say it again- it was COLD!
Here we are running back to the car

Saturday night we showed up to the Zinch party and ate some yummy chicken, fresh fruit, pasta salad, and Dorito's. My camera opted to stay in the car so there aren't any pictures to document the fun night. I did make the cake balls (see the post below) and they weren't so good, kinda mushy in the middle, but Rachel like them!

Sunday after church we took off for a night at Grandma and Grandpa's cabin. SO FUN! We haven't been able to visit all winter and it was great to be away and relax-that is if snowmobiling is relaxing-it is definitely a blast, but my shoulders, back, and arms are so sore I wouldn't call it relaxing. The snow was perfect hard enough that we could drive the machines anywhere and not get stuck (well, except for one time when I got a little chicken going up a hill and let go of the gas and started to tip, which ended up with me burying my machine), and it was soft enough that when we fell off it wouldn't hurt. The kids loved the snowmobiles and sledding. I loved that we would ride the snowmobile up the hill and ride the sleds down, where the snowmobile would be waiting for us to do it again. We had the "Best of both worlds" (right Hannah?).
obviously these pictures are un-edited, meaning they aren't the greatest, but my blogitis has now spread to cameraitis.

I hope everyone is still awake after this long post, if not- WAKE UP and go and get your laundry done.

Thanks Gwandmaaa and Gwandpaaa for the fun time!


Ashley Chandler said...

Your kids are beautiful! Just like their mom.

Than, Erica, Pacen & Camry said...

blogitis......cameraitis.....sounds like we need to get out and go have some fun! Let's get together next week sometime.

RLRP said...

What. Beautiful. Children.