Grandpa's passing

I am awfully tired of staring at the Paula Abdul video on my last post, I have been working on some other things to document, but my mind and my creative capabilities (the few I have) are in the outhouse right now. Although, I can't let much more time pass without me documenting Cache's grandpas death.

Grant was a wonderful man, the first time I met him I seriously laughed so hard my sides ached. I loved the way he could throw a cuss word into any sentence and it came out sounding so funny. Cache and I were able to visit Grant during the last week he was on this earth. He was in a nursing home trying to recover from a fall he had and had dislocated his hip, he was in and out of coherency, one of the times he was alert he pulled Peanut close and asked if she would like some ice cream, she of course responded with a "yes" Grandpa immediately started yelling to everyone to get her some ice cream and bring some for him too. When we finally found some to give him, Grandma was taking her dear sweet time feeding it to him and he tried to grab it saying "give me the damn Ice Cream" who knew a 93 year old man would be so demanding about ice cream. We loved being able to see him and enjoy his personality, it is too bad that it is after someone is gone that you wish you could've spent more time with them.

The funeral was yesterday in Logan, it rained the entire time we were in the funeral home, but when it was time to travel to the Smithfield cemetery, the clouds cleared and let the sun shine. It was a good thing too, because I didn't bring coats for me or for my kids.

We love and we will miss you Grandpa! We hope your reunion with your parents, son, grandkids and great grandkids was wonderful.
Grandma and her children

Grandma's last goodbye


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Great job! I love the photos and you are able to use words so effectively.

Fee Family said...

Love your post... made me cry again. Can you send me some of your photos that you took. Especially one of Grandmas last goodbye (I love that one!!!). Thanks for your blog I love it.

RLRP said...

What a nice post, Carrie. Really neat pictures, and I love the damn ice cream.