The First Noel

"E" (now to be named Peanuthead) is always so excited for this part of the Christmas celebrations, she is so excited to act as Mary, and since she is the only girl on Cache's side of the family this role always is hers. It was fun to see "A" (now to be known as Fin) actively participate this year, in the past it has been more of a costume party for him than a story re-enactment. The "cast". This is not the best picture, but I couldn't resisit Fin's smile.

yes, this baby Jesus had corn rolls. It was all grandma had.

Some of the best quotes from the night:

Mary's response to the shepherds and wise men as they arrived at the stable and brought their gifts was "Welcome to our home and Thank you, thank you for the gifts"

Mary receiving the gifts from the wise men

As Mary was waiting for Joseph to arrive in the stable(he was busy talking to the shepherds) before she delivered her baby she yelled "Joseph, get in here I'm hurting".

Fin's reaction to seeing one of the shepherds getting his diaper changed "naked shepherd"

I realize that these quotes probablly aren't funny to you out in blogland, they were definately a "I guess you had to be there" type of moment, but I felt I needed to record them so that I would remember them in the future.

Here is a picture to end with. Thanks for the jammie's Grandma & Grandpa! Check out the fingers up the noses, what are they digging for, diamonds or rubies? click on picture to enlarge.


Rachel Hagen said...

I actually thoght they were cute stories. My favorite being, "Joseph get in here! I'm hurting!

Fee Family said...

This is awesome! What wonderful memories. I sure do miss the "Mary & Joseph play" on Christmas Eve!
Love ya ~ The Fees