I am here..........

I have had some people ask if I was going to post their pictures on my blog, yes -I meant to do it sooner-I am sorry I have delayed it for so long. I know everyone likes to be famous even if it is on my tiny little, not very popular blog :)

And for a little personal update (since this is my personal blog).......Thanksgiving was wonderful. We enjoyed Wednesday night at Cache's family's house, I love that they celebrate the night before, It is wonderful to have everyone able to come. The food was as always-delicious. I made the Ruth's Chris Sweet Potato Casserole and mmmmm it was sooo yummy. Thursday was enjoyed at my brother's house with a small little group of my parents, us, and of course my brother and his family. We missed my 3 other siblings and their families and chaos that goes along with 8 more children and 6 more adults.

My morning sickness (evening sickness in my case) seems to be getting a little better. I only throw up 5 days of the week instead of 7, things are looking good.

I promise I will have some personal pictures up later, but here are some of the fun families I have been able to photograph lately. Remember, I don't claim to be a professional or anything close to one.

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Than, Erica, Pacen & Camry said...

I'm glad you're here! I like that one of the family in the yellow grass-whatever you call it. I think you need to start a photo blog. Let's play sometime when you're not puking. :)