Finley in his "woggle goggles"
(Do the above pictures look vintage to you?)
During the Christmas break we took a trip up to the cabin to enjoy some snowmobiling, sledding, and relaxing (Okay, I enjoyed the relaxing the most).We are lazy sledders, we don't hike back up the hill, we catch a ride.
Here is Peanut and Finley's Crash and burn, notice Peanut on top of Finley's head.Woohoo, back in the saddle-they are some serious sledders-Although Finley is riding backwards.
Ahh-the proof of a face plant in the snow, or his sister landing on his face in the snow.Grandpa wants a turn, Finley decides he is done riding with Peanut.My turn to be the chauffer.My hot husband declaring that he is cold and wants Hot Cocoa.Peanut does not want to be done, but is a little hungry.


Fun Fee Family said...

Priceless memories! What a wonderful place to enjoy and relax!

Rachel Hagen said...

Thanks for the shout-out down below. Your pics are wonderful! And yes, they do look vintagey (sp?). Looks like you guys had a fun christmas!