I am getting sick of looking at the bucket list post every time I sit down to peruse my "lemonheads" list. This post is to move it down the line and record some of the thoughts going on in my head.

  • I am really excited that last night Chuckles(new name for my husband) and I were able to go to the temple-together-which has not happened for months. Although we did ordinances in which we were unable to be together, it was nice to be able to drive in the car alone and talk on the way to and from. We were also able to meet in the chapel and enjoy a meeting put on by our stake president and the temple presidency. Ah....refreshing to feel the peace that comes with sitting in the temple.
  • I am also really excited that we hired a new babysitter last night (one of my cute beehives) and when we returned home the house was CLEAN! not just cleaned up from the mess that they had made during the time we were gone, but cleaner that when we left! The counters were wiped down, dishes were put in the sink, floor was swept, and the carpets were VACUUMED! And guess what else.........the kids were in bed with their teeth brushed. There is definitely a bonus in store for this babysitter. Note:All of our babysitters are fantastic in some way or other, but yesterday this is the type of babysitter I needed.
  • Peanut has been "off track" for the last three weeks. (yay, next year the elementary is switching to traditional schedule) we took the opportunity to visit the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving point and the aquarium. She also participated in off-track bowling with some neighborhood friends. We also were able to pigsit the class guninea pig. I actually became a little attached to the little critter, although his stink was too strong for my nose.
  • why is that people (including myself) have slacked from their blogs now that Facebook has become more popular? Goal for myself: write a post at least once a week.
  • I can't wait until the weather is warmer, I am itching to break out the camera again. I could take pictures inside, but we just don't have great natural light in our house and I hate using the flash. I found a new camera that I want, it's only 8,000.00 dollars, I am sure I could talk Chuckles into it (hahahah-ya never going to happen-actually in reality I don't think i could talk myself into it).
  • Both of my kids are crying right now I guess I better log off.
  • oh ya, one more thing. my blog header kinda makes me cringe. Christmas is so over and right now I hate even thinking about. Goal for myself: locate new blog header picture.


Cache Man said...

I object to my blog name. Plus when are you going to post some pictures. Get in the game.

Leo and Jill said...

I too have joined the facebook land but still find blogging to be much easier and it has a much better format!!
Congrats on the great babysitter. They are hard to find!

Diane Linford said...

I love your headers - in or out of season!

Than, Erica, Pacen & Camry said...

I was just thinking that it seems that blogging has taken a backburner to facebook. I'm not a facebooker and I love blogs. Glad to see you're alive. You know when she's off-track you're supposed to call me. Especially when you're at Thanksgiving point! :)

Shauna said...

Great to hear from you again! Amen to going to the temple. It will be 1 year for us when we come back! Way too long, we have really missed it. I am excited to see the new Temples in SLC.

Paige said...

So the elementary school is going to traditional next year? YAY! Is it because of the new school district?

I'm glad you got to go to the temple together; the last time I was able to go Matt stayed home to watch the kids, and it's just not the same as going with him!