Good Mail

You all know I am a blog-a-holic, it is an addiction I am not ashamed of. Through all the blog's I read everyday every now and then I come across a post about the blogger receiving "good mail" I always think how fun it would be to receive some of my own "good mail' but it usually requires some sort of card making group where you make cards and send it off to 10 of your groupies and they in return send 10 cards of their own and so on. I am not crafty (I have dreams that I was) nor do I really like making cards, or baking delicious goodies, and in fact I am pretty unmotivated so it would be hard to get myself to the post office. So the thoughts of any "good mail" coming in my mailbox isn't likely......until........yesterday. My good friend Nicole must've read my depressing status on Facebook about how I was going to wash all of Peanut's baby clothes to try and get myself excited about baby's arrival and to forget how LARGE and miserable I am, because when I opened my mailbox yesterday there was a package addressed to me! It was from Nicole in Colorado. I thought huh? Is it my birthday? no. Did I send her homemade cards in my sleep? no, i don't think so. I ripped the package open in a totally excited state of confusion. And this is what was inside:Ooooh, so cute. The cutest little outfit and the sweetest card to go along with it. Thanks, Nicole! Your gift made me smile the rest of the day and into today. I have been wearing the outfit on my belly all morning.....well, maybe not all morning, but it has been placed there several times throughout. Your gift made me excited to be having a baby and even more excited to be having a girl that can wear this adorable piece of clothing. And thanks for fullfilling my dream of recieving "good mail", I hope I can return the favor soon. Love ya!


Fun Fee Family said...

How wonderful! Your friend Nicole is a truly awesome friend. Everyone needs people like her in their lives. Just think only a little while longer and you will be holding that precious one. Hang in there... this too shall pass. Love ya!

RLRP said...

Very sweet. Here's to being large and miserable.

Nicole said...

I'm so glad you liked your "good mail." I was happy to send it and happy that you liked it.