Waiting for Baby

It looks like I am not the only one around here waiting on the arrival of a new baby. 4 out of 5 springs since we have moved into this house a bird has built a nest right outside our back door. The door exits out onto a deck so we are able to look straight into the nest and spy on the eggs. The first spring here I remember spending hours staining the deck and having a mama robin as company. I even remember talking to her, it get's pretty boring staining a deck. I told her today that we would have a race to see whose baby (or in her case "babies") would arrive first. Let's cross our fingers that I win.


Fun Fee Family said...

I hope you do win! The last month is the worst! You are so big, you are so hot, you just want it out.
Hang in there!

Erica said...

i love those pictures. I hope you win, too.