Hallows parade

Did you ever have costume parades when you were in Elementary school? My school always had one. The parade would start with Kindergarten and they would go through a class room and then that class would join onto the end of the line and then the next class room we went through that class would join on the end of the train and it would keep going until we had gone through every grade and class room. When we circled back around to our own classroom we would sit down and watch the costume parade snake it's way back through the school until everyone returned back to their own classroom. Does that make any sense? It was nice though because parents could stay in their child's classroom and see the whole parade.

This was Peanuts first year being in school during Halloween, all of the other years she has been off track, so she was able to participate in her first costume parade. Her school has police block off a street for a few blocks and all of the parents surround the streets and watch from the curb. For sure a lot less confusing that how my school did it, but it was a lot more COLD.
Here they come, marching down the street.
Do you see Peanut? She is in the green coat. She is looking for me.
She spotted me. Here she is waving hello.

Here she is again, still waving.

woops, now she is passing me.......still waving.
She is Dorothy, just in case you couldn't tell :)


Nicole said...

How Fun! Way better parade than my elementary school where we marched through the gymnasium. And I love her costume! So darling!

Diane Linford said...

I knew she was Dorothy immediately! We never did Halloween parades when I was in elementary school in California, but when I taught at Riverton elementary (when you were a teeny tiny baby) we did the parade through the classrooms thing.

Anonymous said...
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Emily Anne said...

Cute little girl, what a sweetie. :)