Do you like looking at before and after photos? I do. Especially make-over before and afters. I love seeing a plain looking person turn into a new gorgeous person. I wish I had a before and after picture of me going from "frumpy mom" to "hawt mom", but I don't-because it hasn't happened, so here is a picture of my kitchen and what it looked like yesterday morning and what it looked like yesterday afternoon. Not a huge change, no new cabinets and counter tops or anything, but it does look different. Sometimes I take pictures of things before I work on them so I can see the difference when I am done. Corny I know, but it works for me, so I thought I would share.


Bekah said...

I totally love the motivation of seeing change. I should have taken a picture of my house before I cleaned it too. Wow. - and what a cute kitchen you have - love it.

Diane said...

I think I'll take a picture of my master bath right now before I get to work on cleaning it - we had a new shower put in, and the shower is great but everything else is a mess. You've inspired me! (It's like crossing a large task off the to-do list).

Rachel Hagen said...

Ahhh, what clutter can do. At first I thought there was going to be new cabinets or something, and I was hurt you didn't ask me :)