wenesday #6

Pathetic..........That is the word for today's weigh in (and last weeks and the week before that and the week before that). BUT I am NOT giving up. Anyone have any tricks up their sleeves? what works for you and what doesn't? Has anyone ever heard of slow weight loss due to nursing? I am still nursing meadow, not much only like two times a day, but it is still something. I don't know I am diggin deep for some answers. Maybe I need to give up bread........but I LOVE bread{whine}.


Rachel Hagen said...

my sister keeps all her baby weight until she's done nursing. which is kind of weird since you burn so many calories nursing, but once she's done; it's a ton easier. but i think you're doing great :)

Diane said...

What are you fussing about? A steady progress down is great! Not like my roller coaster up and down.

My sisters all say they hold on to weight like crazy while nursing.

Slow and steady is more likely to stay off.

Aly said...

I definitely was not able to lose the weight until
I was done nursing. It was like that with all 4 kids. U need to be easier on yourself! You are doing all the right things and I think u look great. And nothing is worth giving up bread. Haha.

Heather said...

I agree, nothing is worth giving up bread :). I have lost like 8 lbs since the day I gave birth. No fair since that was a) less than the stuff that came out of my body and b)it was almost a year ago. I am REALLY hoping. Otherwise, it may be the curse of the third kid. GRR. I am trying too. But I REALLY suck at losing weight.