Day 1-San Francisco

Finley's First trip in an Airplane. He loved seeing all the teeny cars.
Meadow loved riding in the airplane, but she loved her french toast stick better.

Eating cupcakes on Powell street.
I promised we could get cupcakes at cute little cupcake store we had walked past if they would let me do some more shopping. We are sitting outside the H&M store. Nothing like a little bribery.
Tadich grill.
I am not a seafood lover, so this wasn't one of my favorite places. But Chuckles and his buddy/co-worker loved their Cioppino(sp?) To me, it looked like what came out of our kitchen disposal. I had pork chops-the kids had Subway.


Diane said...

Oooh, I love seafood, and SF has some of the best. Ray loves Ciopinno and rarely gets it (I don't care for it myself.)

Ramsey said...

How fun!! I love SF! It's my favorite city :)