The 3 year!


Peanut is seriously my hero, I don’t mean to go on like some crazy over proud mother, but I am truly amazed by my 8 year old.  


(first day of school at a new school, in a new state)

Our conversation before school

me: are you nervous?

Peanut: nope, not all.

me: really?

Peanut: why would I be it’s just school?


I go on to think, but who will you play with at recess? who will you sit by at lunch? How will you know what to do?


She is my hero, so confident in herself and who she is, that it would be okay to sit by herself at lunch, it would be okay to play at recess on the monkey bars alone.  I wish I could be more like her. 

 goodbye1 goodbye2

For memory sake: oops! thinking Peanut was registered, even calling the office a week before school to make sure and them telling me she was.  And then to find out the evening before school that Peanut was not registered and did not have a teacher.  This error resulted in a mad rush to find birth certificates, immunization records, and proof of residency.  Sounds easy? It wasn’t nothing was in our favor.  The only thing I had on hand was her birth certificate.  But in the end it all worked out and she was able to attend school the next morning after some frantic calls to Dr. offices, renting real estate agents (her name was mistakenly left off our lease, and it needs to be on there for school purposes), and calls to utility companies for proof of residency. The office secretary went on to tell me that if she was in 1st or 2nd grade she would have to go to a different school because those grades were full.

  All is good! and she loves her teacher, who actually lived in Utah for a few years! a total plus in Peanut’s eyes.


Sarah said...

Love it! So proud of her,What a cutie.

Ramsey said...

She'll make friends so quickly and so will you! Enjoy sunny California :)