July 12x12

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1. Yay! waffles!
2. Daily chores-weeding.
3. The fearsome four: power ranger, avatar, swat, and middle eastern princess. I love these four.
4. Afternoon activity.
5. Paying bills.
6. Water balloon toss, gotta love summer.
7. Ainsley refusing to put her shoes on, two girls trying every trick they could think of to get them on her.
8. Swimming lessons.
9. Ainsley loves the splash pad at the pool (except for the big giant bucket that sporadically dumps huge amounts of water onto innocent little toddlers).
10. buddies
11. Evening Costco run.
12. Bedtime snack on the deck.


Cache Man said...

Best Mother ever. What lucky kids.

Amanda said...

Love these pics. Dito to Cache Man. You are fun!