Our own Ollivander

Our friends told Asher that Hogwarts was real and he will get a post delivered to him by an Owl on his 11th birthday asking him to attend wizard school and he totally believes it. So until he gets his official wand from Hogwarts he decided to whittle himself a makeshift one and also one for a few of the neighborhood kids.  

A few of the wands.  
Since this picture was taken these wands have been stained and a handle has been added. 

Poor Asher was devastated when Cache and I told him the we were muggles and there was a small chance that he was a real wizard.  But he is thinking positively and well, I guess we'll find out if he is Hogwarts bound in about 5 years.


Rachel said...

That is so funny! Stomper is doing the exact same thing - although your wands are turning out better than ours. He got a knife for Christmas last year and spends a lot of time using it to make wands. At this point it's so dull it wouldn't cut skin if you tried, which I am fine with!

Cache Man said...

This was so much fun. Nothing like a boy and his first go at a knife.

H... said...

He should join up with my boys! They have been whittling wands too!! Love it!!

Katie Hagen said...

I haven't been on anyone's blogs in forever, it was fun seeing some of your family pics. I'm jealous of your culinary mother's day gift! And this post made me laugh, it is so cool how magical kids worlds are. Brad convinced one of my nephews that byu was the only college w/ a quiddich team, it was hilarious. Hope you guys are enjoying being back in Utah! (you are back here right?)