Halloween 2011

I remember Halloween as a kids and absolutely LOVING it.  My kids (most kids) loved it too.  Asher kept complaining of a stomach ache the night before because he was so excited and Eden just couldn't stop dancing and hopping around from excitement.  Cache and I were a little frustrated because we wanted some down time, but it didn't come until an hour or so after bedtime.  I am so grateful to have kids that I can
 re-live these fun moments with. 

right before leaving for school.
 Our sweet little cupcake.
 Harry Potter-who was so excited that people recognized who he was
 Thing 2
 Asher with his buddies G&L.  So glad we got to go with these guys, we stayed out so late we closed the neighborhood down.  Get me, Barb, and Alyson together and we will do it right :)

 Halloween Piano recital.  How fun is this?  It made it a little hectic, but it was a lot of fun to sit outside listen to the students sing and perform their piano pieces and then gather for quick donuts and cider afterwards.
 school parade.
Eden and  her posse. 
 They all went out on their own this year.  They loved it except for the neighbor boy scaring them (eden) to tears with his chainsaw.  She didn't crumble and stay inside the rest of the night though, she did buck up and go back out.  Got to be proud of her for that.  Love you Eden and your tender little personality.  

Our pumpkins.
Asher is just a little Harry obsessed right now which is just fine because I think it is so cute.
If you are wondering where ainsley's is, it is sitting in our house un-carved because she was so ornery she had to take a nap instead of carving (mean I know) I am feeling a little guilty over it actually.


Elsa Jensen said...

I love that Asher is Harry obsessed! Tell your kids I loved their costumes and I miss them!

stephgoett said...

Hi Carrie! Miss you too! Love your costumes! The kids are getting bigger and cuter! Come visit us!