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It's been awhile since I have added a Sunday Pic,  they are growing to fast.  It makes me a little sad. I know they are still little, but I felt like they were babies yesterday and I blinked and they aren't babies anymore.  I think I will blink again and they will be off to college, missions, and getting married.  I wish they would just stop.

Some things we have been up to (caution: may be boring to some, but I feel I need to write things down so I can remember this time in our life):

*Eden is enjoying school, and just participated in Jr. Achievement Biz town.  It was a real working little city located on the top floor of Discovery gateway museum.  She was a United Way volunteer coordinator, not the job she applied for, but had fun anyway.  I was able to go and I was placed in the First Security Bank.  I was able to see Eden when she came to cash her paycheck, she earned a whopping 14.00 for the entire day, all to be spent buying food from the restaurant and dinky little toys donated by various businesses around the valley. At the end of it all Eden still had 13.00 left :)  she wished it was real money.

*Asher is enjoying Chinese Immersion and is picking up on the language very easily.  Cache and I are always surprised when he comes home speaking phrases and singing songs in Chinese. We also found out this month that Asher has a condition called Uveitis.  It is when the insides of the eyes are inflamed.  The Dr. isn't sure what is causing the inflammation, but we have been sent to a specialist at Moran eye center that will be able to find the root problem and hopefully be able to treat it.  Right now we apply steroid drops 3 times a day, hoping they will bring down the inflammation so it won't cause cataracts, glaucoma, or blindness.  He is a trooper though and doesn't mind the drops anymore and didn't even cry or wiggle when he had to get a ton of blood work done.

*Ainsley is our social butterfly right now.  She asks to play with someone everyday and throws a fit if she is unable to.  She even asks to play with our sweet 20 year old neighbor, Elsa and calls her her "best friend". She eats way too much candy and loves "brown" soda, so much different that our health conscious Eden.

*Cache is living his dream, by starting his own business.  He has signed several clients and works hard with his employees in India.  He just returned from a trip to India where he was able to meet some of his employees face to face for the first time.  With him gone I realized how much I depend on him at home to help keep the house clean and to watch kids while I run various errands and volunteer at the school (It was a crazy 2 weeks with him gone).

*I am just being a mom, which I love.  I was able to be in charge of the primary program this year for the first time in all my years in primary.  It is a much crazier job than I expected, but very rewarding.  I was so amazed at what a great job all the kids did.  I have to admit I was so nervous after our practice two day before the actual program.  The kids were crazy, the seating chart wasn't right, and I didn't think the kids knew the songs very well, but everything went perfectly and without any errors (that I can remember).

That is our life right now.  Maybe I will post again in a few more months.
One of my favorite picture from today.......


Diane said...

I just love you and your family. I'm so glad to have you back here!

Ramsey said...

You have the most precious family!! It was so great seeing you guys again. I wish it was more often with less driving to do. :)