"Celery is great after a good Pee"

Okay, about the title of this post-I kid you not that I was just watching Wonder Pets and they really did say this. I just started laughing and thought-hmm I will have to try this sometime.

The name of my post before I heard this great line was going to be "A month (or more) in review". It has been awhile since I have posted anything, the reason being is that my sister told me my blog was Cheesy, so I was a little blog shy for awhile, but now I am comfortable with my cheesiness and am willing to share it. I also realized that I do this 99% for myself, so I can remember the happenings of my life. So, that being said I will blog about what has been happening the past month.

In no particular order, I will begin:

Our very, very good friends and traveling buddies The G's moved across the country. Before they left we were able to get together and enjoy a yummy dinner at the Red Iguana. It was so much fun talking and saying our farewells despite the grumpy kids, spilled water, loud music, and the stormy weather. We will miss you guys immensely. But we do have memories of Bryce Canyon, Cancun, Nine Mile Canyon, Snowbird, Deer Valley, Jet skiing, Cascade Springs, University Ward, Cocomotion, Christmas eve Breakfasts, after Christmas neighbor dinners, Indiana Jones marathon, and so many others. Good luck to you guys, and we look forward to coming to visit-soon. Start blowing up the air mattress.

I was lucky enough to meet with The G's again and some of the old friends from the University Ward at a fun neighborhood park in Sugarhouse. It was so fun seeing everyone again. The 4 of us girls that were there were all pregnant together 2 years ago, and we took a picture (which I don't have) and so while we were together we took another one all together minus the big bellies.
These pictures of "E" and "A"are pretty cute.

Our dear neigbor's elderly father decided that life was too hard and wanted to end it, which resulted in Air Med landing in our circle. Wow, I never realized a HUGE and powerful a helicopter is. We were watching from our front lawn and a policewoman told us to go inside while it landed because it would get windy. I took the kids and moved on to our front porch, which wasn't enough, as the helicopter flew over our house and began to land the wind from the choppers blew everything off of the porch. The big Wheel bike literally was lifted off the ground and blown across our yard. We quickly ran inside, the poor kids were crying because they had sand in their eyes. Now every time it is windy outside, they both get scared and ask if the "copter" is going to land again. Notice the Charred mountainside in the background.
I found this sandbox at Downeast Home and got a great deal. I was totally excited, because I had been looking for one for awhile, but wasn't willing to pay the $$ for just a square of 2x4's, this one is nice and the kids love it. I love that they play and use their imaginations building and bulldozing.
On Aug. 30 "A" turned 2. We made a cake, went to McDonald's, and came back home to eat the cake and celebrate with Grandma and Grandpa. "A"'s pwesents were a spiderman tent, a dinosaur magnidoodle, cars, a really loud dragon (thanks Grandma), and a few others I can't remember right now.

Well, there is my month in review. Sorry, but i felt I needed to document our happenings. I hope I can stay on top of things from here on out.


RLRP said...

Fun to have you online again, friend. Here's what I have to say:

1)I'm sorry to say I know exactly which WonderPets that quote comes from - the puppy, right?
2)Tell your sister to buzz off. Your blog is great, not cheesy at all, and it's so rewarding to have a record of your family. So there!
3)Great pictures! I miss Marjorie!
Hope to read more from you soon -

Richard, Shauna, and Spencer said...

Yay! Welcome back! A's cake is soo cute. Looks like it has been a very eventful month at the M home. Your kids are so cute. Is E still like school? Scott's little girl is in all day Kindergarten and loves it! So does Tami!

Fee Family said...

We love to see and hear of your activities and lifes happenings! Please keep it up. It is so fun to see the kids growing up! Thanks! We love you!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog you have. I love how
you are able to express events in such a delightful way! I'm so grateful you do this.
Your photos are so charming.
What a fun month. I had no idea how powerful the helicopter blades are! Wow!
It's hard to believe the G's are gone........they'll miss you too much and be back.
What a fun birthday party for A. The cake is darling. Sounds like a lot of fun and fun toys!
Keep up the great work you are doing.
Love you,
Sara Merrill

Ramsey said...

I'm so sad you thought it was cheesy. I appreciate what you're doing because it's pretty much the only way I can keep up on your family's life! I have to show Beck photos of you guys otherwise he might forget! :)

Sugar... said...

Hi, I did read your lurker comment on my blog, but I completely spaced it and forgot to reply. I don't mind lurkers at all...in fact, it's fun to get to know people through blogging sometimes! There is a pattern for the shirt underneath the dress you asked about. I actually formed my own pattern for the dress and apron dress, but the peasant shirt is from a website called www.youcansewthis.com. They have downloadable patterns that you print off on your printer at home. Super, super cute stuff!