Halloween is probablly one of my most favorite holidays. I love the fall weather and the decorations and the excitement of trick-or-treating and i LOVE the Gardner Village Witches. Halloween isn't Halloween if there isn't a trip to visit these witches.
I guess we missed 2005, due to A being only 2 months old.


We barely squoze (is that a word) in pumpkin carving, things got a little crazy/busy after returning from disneyland. The kids liked it for the most part, but "A" didn't want to scoop his own seeds out. He thought they were "gwoss"
"A" surveying the situation

"ooh gwoss"

"E" digging in although very disgusted

The finished product.

Our house this year consisted of a witch (Samantha from bewitched) and a very cute Giraffe (thanks for the costume Harvest).

Schedule of Halloween day:
9:00 am trick-or-treating at the gym.
12:30 pm Neighborhood Bowling league (I bowled 123, yeah me)
3:00 visit Grandma and Grandpa, run out of gas on I-15, which has happened every Halloween since 2003.
5:00 visit other Grandma and Grandpa at their ward "trunk-or-treat" and visit a few trunks while there.
7:00 Neighborhood trick-or-treating.
9:00 a welcomed bedtime
9:30 mom and dad's nightly DVR ritual


Richard, Shauna, and Spencer said...

I love the witches at Gardner Village, I have only been there once and loved it. Now that I think about it, we should've done that while we were there. darn. Have you really ran out of gas 4 years in a row? That is too funny!
Sounds like me, I locked my keys in the car every friday for an entire month. My uncle Mike on the 3rd time just gave me a slim jim and taught me how to use it!

Heather said...

Hey there! It is good to hear from you. I like reading these things and I like comments too. So anyway I am tagging you so you get to go to my blog and see what for. If it takes a couple days, then the date on it is 11.8.

Paige said...

What a good idea, taking the kids' pics by that witch every year. I wish we'd done that. Thanks for introducing me to Gardner Village last year, by the way!

Also, you guys did such a good job on A's b-day cake--it is so cute! (I can't believe our babies are 2!)

And I will go photographing with you any day!

Emily said...

(smile!) Love that "Oooh, gwoss" picture. Halloween is the greatest (well, besides Christmas and my birthday and...)

Rachel Hagen said...

Hey Carrie, it's Rachel Hagen. Cache told me about your blog, and I had to check it out. You're kids are adorable! I love the pumpkin carving pics and the perfect little pose Eden did with her costume. I'm we're both in the blogging wold...now I can see what ya'll are up too!

Marci said...

Carrie, your kids are so big! Eden is all grown up! I love the halloween pictures--what a beautiful family!