Expanding Our Horizons

A few months ago I saw these foreign films on a blog and thought that Cache and I could expand our horizon a little and venture out to subtitles. Here is what we watched:
We really enjoyed this movie. At first we were a little worried that we would be too busy reading the subtitles to see what was going on in the movie, but eventually we got into a flow and and we forgot that we were reading. It is about a Jewish couple who are going through a lot of challenges and how they exercise their faith to get through them. It was interesting to see the similarities of the Jewish beliefs and the LDS beliefs. This movie is one I highly recommended.
The next show was:
This is a Iranian film and it was good, but not as good as the Ushpizin (Cache fell asleep) It is about two young children from a very poor family with a sick mother and a hard working father. The son looses his sisters shoes in route to the cobbler and is too ashamed to tell their father knowing that they can't afford new ones. The son offers to share his shoes with his sister until they can find hers. The story is a little long and slow moving, but it was interesting to see the Iranian culture.

We are now moving onto to wanting to see some Bollywood movies so Cache can get geared up for his upcoming trip. Does anyone know of any good ones? I have a couple on hold at the library, but I am wary to put anymore on hold without recommendations.

If anyone watches either of these movies let me know what you think.


Fee Family said...

You guys are great! Trying out new things... We have watched some movies with subtitles - it is amazing how quickly you forget you are reading... the brain is amazing. As for the Bollywood, what is that and where is Cache going?
Thanks for sharing!

RLRP said...

I haven't seen the first one, but it's on my netflix list - I'm excited to see it. I loved Children of Heaven - I saw it quite a long time ago, I think. let me know if you see any good Bollywood movies - I haven't seen any. I didn't know Cache was headed to India - cool! What for and for how long? I'll be excited to hear about that.