Some of you have asked why Cache was in India. Basically he works with a programming company over there, and they flew him over to meet his team that works for him at Zinch. I wish he was writing this post because I heard the stories second hand and I hope I do them justice. Maybe you remember Surya coming to stay with us last summer, maybe not, but Cache was able to attend his wedding while in India. He said it was very different and lasts 3 or so hours. He said that it involved fire and a bare chested "priest" (I don't know what they are called in the Hindu religion).

Surya and his new bride.
The custom in India is for the parents of the bride to find a groom for their daughter, but in Surya's case they met and fell in love before an arranged marriage took place.
While visiting Surya's "native" village where the marriage was performed (a 10 hour train ride away from Chennai) Cache and a few of the Zinch team were able to do some sight seeing and they saw these waterfalls and had a great time getting wet underneath them. Well, everyone that is except Cache, I would have been VERY mad if he would've gotten my camera wet.
This is one of my favorite pic's from the trip. I love the composition. I should probablly lighten it up a bit though. If you click on it you will see an enlarged version and I love the ankle bracelets.
I guess this is the local bathing pond. This is a different set of falls than the above pic's. Everyone was planning to get in these ones too, but decided differently when they saw the locals bathing. Notice the undressed little boy on the left (you might have to enlarge) getting his bath from his mom.

Here is the bathroom in the hotel he stayed in for the wedding. notice the bucket and faucet with the hose.........that was his shower. And the Indian people don't use toilet paper very much, there is just usually a hose to squirt your self off with. Cache took his own toilet paper.

Another place they visited was at the most southern tip of India where the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal, and the Arabian sea collide. he said that he could actually see them coming together, I think their waves flow in different directions so he was able to see them colliding. This picture is of him on the beach racing horses.

Cache didn't know who these boys were, but kept asking him to take their picture and then after he took it they would want to see it on the camera. I thought that was cute.
I don't know where in India this was, but I thought it was pretty.
looking out the window from the reception hall where Surya was married.

Look at these monkeys they are out in the public. shouldn't they be in a zoo? I thought that was awesome, I want to see monkeys when they aren't caged up.

I am grateful for the people in India who were so friendly to Cache and made his stay so enjoyable. From the sounds of it they sound like amazing people. Which reminds me VT the CEO of sybrant sent this home for me:

Okay people these are REAL pearls, the only other piece of jewelry that I have that is this nice is my wedding ring. I love them and can't wait to wear them. Viji who is an employee for Zinch sent these to me:
I love the sound that these bangles make when they clink together.

If you are interested you can see all of the India pic's at this site.


Sarah said...

I had to gather the fam to see the monkeys. We Loved the pics! Thanks for sharing.

Richard, Shauna, and Spencer said...

what a cool place to visit! I am jealous of your pearls!

Heather G said...

That looks so awesome. I would love to go to India. My sister actually went there last year for her friends' wedding. They worked together as well.

Rachel Hagen said...

You got jewelry? It's beautiful! thanks for the pics, they're awesome.

Aly said...

Just got caught up on your blog. You are too funny (i loved the mommy goggles comment!) Cache's trip looked amazing! At least someone is traveling to warmer weather around here. I'm sure you are glad he's home. Oh, by the way, "Knock, knock.. ", only joking :)

RLRP said...

Neat, Carrie! What a chance. I wish you could have gone too.

Lucy said...

I love to travel and hope to someday travel to India. It is such a fascinating country, in my opinion. How awesome that your husband got to go. Hopefully, you can tag along next time:)

Your pearls are stunning. That is a perk of traveling to the source.

Paige said...

What neat pictures! It sounds like he had a great time. Those pearls are beautiful!

Sarah said...

Hey , THANKS for catching that address slip! I fixed it, I think?