Stank Eye

"Don't you dare take my crown"

Peanuthead got the game "pretty, pretty, princess" for her birthday, it is an absolute girl game. All the contestants play to earn earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Once you have all the jewelry in your color and the crown-you win! It is kinda fun and so easy which I like because the kids can play without my help. On Sunday afternoon we have an hour of Pretty, Pretty, Princess we even talked Cache into playing with us,
but he didn't want me documenting it. Fin had a good time too!


Sarah said...

SUPER CUTE! I LOVE love love that "stank eye"

RLRP said...

That is hilarious. Tell Cache he looks sexy.

Paige said...

Those are great pictures--you are a wonderful photographer! LOVE the stank eye pic :-)

Heather said...

She seriously looks like a princess, the eye and all :)
Looks like a fun game!