My Little Peanut

I am having a sappy mom moment, I am feeling how much I love this little girl. She is such a sweet heart. She is so obedient and thoughtful and kind. I want to be just like her. Today she picked up the dishes after lunch and stacked them in the dishwasher, when I told her how grateful I was that she would do that without being asked, she responded by saying "I listened to the talk in conference" (meaning Elder Ballard's talk). It made me beam with Joy. She does have her moments though, if she goes too long without a snack she is surrounded by a puddle of tears, and sometimes she loves to try make her brother jealous or angry, isn't that how all kids are though? She was a hard baby too, I remember thinking if the Lord sends me another like this I won't have any more. Luckily my second was a perfect little baby, but he is a terror of a toddler.
I have had some ask why we call her Peanut. It is because she was born 3 weeks early and weighed only 5#9oz. She was tiny just like a little peanut.

Sorry about the sappy cheesy post, but I just had to do it. Sarah, I stole the pose in the picture above from one of Madison's pictures-Sorry.


Jo said...

This is a darling pose of her Carrie! What a sweet little girl - fun to read about her. I love those sappy moments - bring it on! Relish in them I say, they are so short lived in the span of motherhood I say.

Sarah said...

I Love it! She is adorable!

RLRP said...

We love sappy, we love cheesy, we love hearing about other people's nice little girls to make us feel better about our own horrible children...wait. That came out wrong. :)

She's so beautiful, by the way -

Heather said...

Very Cute! And I don't think you are being sappy. I think it is wonderful when we can feel those "love" moments, otherwise, how would we survive?!

Aly said...

Ditto that the "sappy" moments make the "crappy" moments bearable. Eden IS such a sweetheart. She is always a joy to have around. Can you have her teach Aubrey a thing or two? And I loved your comments on my blog. Don't worry... your secrets are safe with me! :)

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous and you have done a terrific job of capturing her in photo and words. Keep up your wonderful work as an amazing mother.
Virg and Sara