potty training, Annie, and a bike.

These are things I have been wanting to post about for awhile. My mom told me that the two hardest things she had to teach her kids were potty training and riding a two wheel bike, I rolled my eyes and thought yeah, we are doing both of those right now. Fin hated sitting on the toilet until I found a potty seat on clearance at TJMAXX for 10 bucks and it came with a stool and reward tattoos (referred to as "Stickers" in our house). He loves it, because it fits on the "big toilet", and the back has a head of a frog as a backrest and Fin thinks that the frog catches his (ahem) pee and poop. It's great, I tell him the frog is hungry and he should go feed him (disgusting I know, but I do what I have to do). Yesterday, he used the toilet 3 times and we weren't even at our own house, "hippee-ray" (fins version of hip hip hooray).

The two wheeler isn't going as smooth. We live on a hill so we have to take peanut to a nearby trail to get her to practice. She is pretty nervous, but getting better, she still hasn't mastered the balance. Does anyone have any good ideas on teaching bike riding, we could use any advice right now. My friend told me to put her on a grassy hill and let her go down. We might try this. One of the highlights of taking Peanut to the trail is that we pass a lot of horses and we always stop to pet them. This last time we stopped the owners were out and asked if we would like to see their other animals, the kids got really excited and ran to their house. I think we walked into a petting zoo. They had goats, chickens, peacocks, a huge "beethoven" dog, a small "taco bell" dog, about 10 scotty dogs, baby ducks, a parrot, and turtles. I am sure I am forgetting an animal or two that they had. These people were so nice and told us to stop by anytime.Now, on to my favorite event of the weekend. The Annie production came to Kingsbury Hall this week and since Peanut sang "It's a hard knock Life" in our stakes Broadway production, I thought it would be fun to take her to see the real thing. It was wonderful! We both loved it. The only bad thing was that it started at 8:00 at night and didn't end until 10:30, near the end Peanut got very tired. I am not sure how much she understood because she was trying so hard to keep her eyes open. It was fun though and I always treasure our mommy and daughter dates.our friends came with us too, Thanks guys!
Pictures from my cell phone


Melinda said...

I hope the potty training continues to go well! I am jealous you have a girl to go to play's with - I can't wait until the day I get mommy/daughter dates!

Tres Chic Boutique said...

Looks like you had fun! I am so glad you guys came over for a visit. We will definitely have to to it again soon. maybe my kids will be nicer too ;) (you never know, eh?!)