egg drop

Peanut had an egg drop at school a couple of weeks ago. The directions were to package an uncooked egg in anything, except bubble wrap and Styrofoam, so that when it is dropped (or thrown or kicked) off the top of the school it would land without breaking. Peanut decided she wanted to use popcorn and aluminum foil. After a few test runs from the roof of our house it was ready for the school. do you think it made it?It's falling
It's falling
It's falling
It's falling
It dropped.
Now on to the unwrapping and the results.
The 6 graders were able to do all the opening and judging
ahh, the anticipation is killing her

It SURVIVED-yahoo!

YAY for Peanut!

Take a look at that trophy.


Heather said...

She is a smart girl! And very cute too:)

Ashley Chandler said...

That's so cute. Congrats on keeping the egg intact.

Rachel Hagen said...

I love Peanuts' anticipation face. Classic. What a fun activity.

Paige said...

I've never heard of an egg drop, what a cute idea! Glad it survived!

Shamelessly Sassy said...

yay for her! I had to do the egg drop in school. I remember it not being as easy as it looked! :)

Lucy said...

I remember doing this in school and it being SUCH a big deal. Congrats to your daughter on her success. She'll remember it into her 30s:)